Drivers discover car’s “life-changing” secret button

Social media has been buzzing with discussions following a TikToker’s revelation of a ‘genius’ car hack.

For those in their late twenties to early thirties still without a driver’s license, this trick might not apply, but for those with both a license and the means to afford a car amid a cost of living crisis, it’s garnering significant attention.

If you’ve ever found yourself blinded by the full headlights of a vehicle behind you while driving in the dark, you’re not alone. Many have experienced the frustration of trying to signal their discomfort to the other driver or venting silently at the steering wheel.


Enter TikToker Coach B, known as @everythingbrooklyn, who shared a clever solution last year. In her video, she demonstrates pushing a tab located behind her rearview mirror, causing it to tilt slightly downward, thereby reducing the glare from bright lights behind.

Accompanied by the caption “Me flipping the rearview mirror tab so the headlights don’t blind me. My boyfriend is a genius, who knew! #fyp #todayyearsold #foryou #rearviewmirror,” the post has sparked widespread praise for its practicality.

With accolades pouring in, many are eager to give this newfound trick a try, prompting a rush to their cars to test it out firsthand.

Written by Telha

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