Fat-Positive Influencer Feels Hot in Bikini

Discover how a confident fat-positive influencer embraces her body and feels amazing in a bikini. Empowerment at its finest!

A fat-positive influencer, Makenzie Moore, weighing 258lbs, has taken the internet by storm with her self-confidence. Often posting about her daily meals, swimsuit hauls, and inspiring outfits, she has amassed a TikTok following of over 153K as @chunkymak.

Fat-Positive Influencer

The followers of the fat-positive influencer were recently treated to her latest acquisition—a new bikini set from Target.

The brunette modeled the triangle bikini in a parking lot in the sun.

Fat-Positive Influencer

She wrote in her video: “If you don’t wanna see a confident fat woman in a bikini, keep scrolling. Okay – now that they’re gone, this is the bikini I got from Target and I look gorgeous. Like I feel hot as f***,’ she said as she smiled and flexed her arms upwards to show off her new purchase. Here’s it from the side and the back.”

The triangle bikini features a stunning sky blue hue, complemented by vibrant orange straps that elegantly tie at the sides.

Fat-Positive Influencer

In a recent update, Makenzie, who is expecting and compared her baby’s size to a lime, garnered 700K views, 60K likes, and numerous compliments as followers showered the brunette with praise on TikTok.

Fat-Positive Influencer

“OMG, you are so pretty in that bikini. Wish I was from the US to get it too,” wrote someone.

Makenzie, the fat-positive influencer, rocks a sky-blue triangle bikini with vibrant orange straps from Target. The top costs $20, while the bottoms are $18. She confidently flaunts her body in this summery swimwear set.

Fat-Positive Influencer


The comments continued as another said, “You are stunning.”

A third said: “‘This was absolutely the boost I needed today, love seeing my body type online finally.”

Fat-Positive Influencer

A fourth wrote: “Love her confidence.”

She got many positive comments from people, and that is all we need in our daily life—just some good, positive words to go on.

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