Florida man gets beaten! Made fun with a girl with Down Syndrome at Disney World

In an unfortunate incident at a Disney World restaurant in Florida, Brent George, aged 61, reportedly engaged in reprehensible behavior towards a girl with Down Syndrome while under the influence of alcohol.

Allegations suggest he mocked her, causing distress to both the girl and her family. When the family confronted George about his actions, the situation escalated into a physical altercation.


George purportedly shoved the mother, slapped the daughter-in-law, and even resorted to punching the husband. Thankfully, a bystander intervened to prevent further harm. Despite George’s claims that he was initially attacked, he failed to provide any evidence to support his assertion.


Curiously, while expressing a desire to press charges against the family, he declined to cooperate with law enforcement by providing a statement. In stark contrast, the family promptly offered written statements detailing the events and sought legal recourse.

Consequently, George was apprehended by authorities and now faces four counts of battery. His night was spent in Orange County Jail as he awaits further legal proceedings.


This unfortunate incident underscores the importance of tolerance and respect towards individuals with disabilities, as well as the need for swift justice in cases of wrongdoing.

Written by Telha

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