Gym Addict Woman Brought Her Baby Into Life In One Push

The story of a fitness addict mother that brought her baby into life in one single push

Yanyah is a fitness addict who claims that she brought her baby into life in one push.

I was in labor for a total of seven hours, but I pushed my 9lbs son out in one single push – and in less than 30 seconds. It’s remarkable! And I am so proud of myself, and my body.” she said.

After giving birth, she practiced breathing techniques and pelvic floor exercises to get ready to hit the gym again.
Yanyah started her workout sessions two and a half weeks after giving birth.

My focus was on my healing, and my physical performance and not so much on the aesthetics in postpartum. In these last four months, I have safely rebuilt my strength after giving birth. I have even surpassed my strength in many lifts, lifting a lot heavier than what I ever have in my life.” said Yanyah.

She broke her pre-pregnancy record: She started squatting around 100 kg after giving birth, and now she’s squatting with 200 kg.

My goal was to squat 225lbs, which I reached at five weeks postpartum. And my second goal was 315lbs, which I reached at nine weeks postpartum. Then at five months postpartum, I squatted 405lbs for one rep; and had my big total, which was squat, deadlift, and chest press within 60 minutes, at 920lbs.” she said.

She added: “I have never leaked, not even a little bit, ever. I have listened to my body and worked on my pelvic floor strength/health long before I decided to ever become pregnant. My pelvic floor is equally as strong as the rest of my body and with the proper exercises I have been able to heal myself from two pregnancies without any complications.

Yanyah’s advice is: “Instead of focusing on weight loss, be patient, and accepting of your current physique and circumstances, focus on rebuilding your body, and on the overall bigger picture, get your functional strength back safely.

She’s a fitness influencer that encourages other women, especially mothers, to keep their bodies in shape. She empowers women to embrace their bodies and love the journey towards change.

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  1. I brought my first son into the world with 3 pushes and 2 for my second son 6 years later. Both delivered natural with no epidural or pain meds. Being fit while pregnant makes delivery much easier.