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How To Go ‘Autopilot’ On Losing Weight In 8 Ways

A list of scientifically proven methods you can use to lose weight in your daily routine without much effort

Not all people may have the opportunity to stay on a diet or exercise daily. If you need some weight loss here and there,

we at Viral Strange are listing some methods you can use to keep your body in shape without much effort.

1. Eating more protein

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Add more protein-rich food to your diet! That’s how your stomach will feel full, and in this way, you’ll avoid eating more. On the other hand, if you exercise, a protein-rich diet will help build more muscle, hence losing weight.

2. Eating while blindfolded

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There is a German study that says that blindfolded participants ate less food. The idea of this method is that when you cannot see the food, you avoid craving what you are seeing. In addition, you only eat for a necessity for food. It might seem a bit difficult but worth trying, maybe?

3. Drinking water before meals

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Drinking water 30 minutes before eating helps lose weight. It is suggested that drinking 1-1.5 liters per day will make you stay in shape.

4. Drinking more coffee

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If you drink your coffee daily, keep doing it. Science says that caffeine consumption, such as drinking coffee or tea, can speed up the metabolism and avoid those crazy cravings.

5. Taking a cold shower

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Hot showers may be relaxing after a long day of work, but if you’re thinking about losing some inches here and there, try showering in cold water. Cold showers make fat cells burn off in generating heat. Therefore, losing weight.

6. Sitting down before you start eating

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We all rush to do as much as we can in our daily life. Therefore, eating on the way might be the only solution. It is suggested to be sitting down while eating to ‘trick’ your brain into thinking that you have had a full meal, therefore keeping your body in shape.

7. Chewing your food


Take your time while eating! If you eat slowly, there is a high percentage that your blood flow in your stomach will be improved. Therefore, it would result in burning extra calories.

8. Eating spicy food

Where are spicy food lovers? Well… It’s proven that spicy food can cause losing weight. It’s said that eating chilies makes you consume fewer calories.

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