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17 Illustrations Showing Life’s Harsh Imperfections

The truth about life is that it is full of harsh realities. We don’t live in movies that everything may seem to be perfect. We do not live in a society where our idea of an ideal world exists. Human as we are, we all have traces of imperfections.

Michal Dziekan is an illustrator based in Poland, echoes the dark reality of life through his works.

Viral Strange curates his amazing artworks that will give you a glimpse of the reality of life:

1. Technology is taking over the way we live.

illustration of a woman chained by gadgets
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ Facebook

With the advent of technology, it seems that our lives revolve around it. It changes the way we connect to people as well. We are hook, especially on social media. It is a good tool, but we have to be careful in using it. There is so much more to life than that. Talk to your friends and go out. You can also read The Reality of Life as Portrayed by Humorous Illustrations (30 Pics).

2. You don’t have to follow the crowd, be your own self.

illustration of a man playing the guitar to men lying down in their corporate attires
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

You have to follow your passion because that what makes you different from the rest. You have to chase your dream because dreams do come true. You follow your own path, not what they say. When they laugh at you for pursuing what you love, do not mind them. Someday, they will hear stories of your success, and you should thank yourself for not giving up.

3. The unhealthy lifestyle is killing us.

illustration of fat children eating fast food
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

In this fast-paced world, we all want everything instant. We all want the instant gratification of our hard work. One thing most common thing that people are fond of is fast food. We go crazy over the short-term happiness it brings and not considering its harmful effects in the long run.

4. We are happy on the outside, dead on the inside.

illustration of a sad man selling toys and sweets
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

We live in a sad generation, probably because of the pressure that we have to endure in society. People want us to be someone we are not. We can’t help but compare our lives with what we see on social media. One thing common is we do not share our feelings anymore. We do not want people to judge. We would rather how we truly feel because only a few truly cares for our welfare.

5. We don’t have enough time to have fun.

illustration of a man with a beach outfit and things while working on his computer
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ Facebook

Let us be honest here. We do not really have enough time to unwind. We always go back to our work because that is our bread and butter. Our life revolves around it that we forget to have fun in the process. We sometimes forget that we have a life to live.

6. We crave validation from people.

illustration of a man showing off his car to people on the street
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

People’s definition of success is money, fame, possession of luxuries materials, and all that. We want acceptance with the people around us. We want to be on-trend because people will not like you. We are busy impressing other people, that we forget to find contentment and happiness with simple things.

7. Justice is only for the rich.

 illustration of police chasing the rich but failed
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

We live in a society where justice is only for the people in power. It is easier for these people to be on top of everyone because of their money. They can get justice to them because they have certain connections. On the other hand, if you are poor, justice is almost non-existent at all.

8. Parents putting so much pressure on their children like it is their life.

illustration of parents racing with their children
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

We understand that parents want the best for their children, but they should not add pressure to carry. Everyone deserves to choose who he or she wants to become. They should decide for themselves because their happiness depends on that. They are not able to explore their full potentials if you are blocking their journey. Be supportive instead and hope for their success.

9. Healthcare is expensive.

illustration of a sick woman and her loved one with the money he owes
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

Universal healthcare should be for everyone, but the reality now is it is only for those who can afford it. If you don’t have the money, you can’t have the extensive care you need when you get sick.

10. Money is not everything.

illustration of unhappy rich people on a yacht
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

Money is not a measure of success and happiness. You can have all the money in the world but still, be unhappy about everything. On the other hand, you can have so little of everything but feel genuine happiness and joy. Money is not everything. What is truly important is to have people in your life who value your presence.

11. Domestic violence among couples is rampant.

illustration of a couple fighting

© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

There is no perfect relationship, but when your partner is physically abusing you, that is no good. You do not have to endure everything. Find time to cope with things and find your way out. You should not only stay for the sake of your kid. You have to prioritize your well-being too. You do not deserve someone who claims to love you but shows otherwise.

12. We always ask for more.

illustration of a brain being tattooed

© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

Human as we are, we always ask for more. It is hard for us to find contentment in this world. We always feel that there is always a missing piece in our hearts. We always want to have everything when we already have enough.

13. Having difficulty getting enough sleep.

illustration of a man having nightmares
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ Facebook

As we got older, our problems are getting bigger. We are having anxiety attacks at night. We get frequent nightmares that disturb our inner peace. We can’t seem to find the joy that easily anymore. We get sad for not getting what our heart desires. We can only wish to go back to when we were young that you do not have to overthink things.

14. The world is overly crowded already.

illustration of overpopulation
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

The world is too crowded with people who do not know how to care for the Earth. There are a lot of abusive people who control the weaker ones. We are in a big world where everyone is willing to hurt the other to survive.

15. Sex offenders and sex traffickers targeting their next victim.

illustration of a sex offender trying to lure a target
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

There are sex traffickers and sex offenders lurking around without you knowing, so we have to protect our kids even more. They are our future, so we have to make sure of their safety. Always report to the right authorities if there is an unusual sighting in your area. Teach your kids to never talk to strangers and walk away.

16. We are busy with our smartphones and not talking anymore.

illustration of people looking at their smartphones
© Michal Dziekan ‏/ Facebook

Meeting your friends nowadays becomes more of looking at each other’s phone. We spend more time checking on our phones than checking on the person that we have. We tend to forget to make real-time connections any more. You have to find time to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with your friends.

17. Coming out of your past and doing better.

illustration of a man and a woman coming out of their sad past

© Michal Dziekan ‏/ flickr

The best thing to happen in your life is to bounce back after a fall. It is one of the best moments to find happiness again. It feels great to smile again after being sad for the longest time. Believe in yourself always that there is always light no matter what the situation is.

Life will always have its own dose of hard pills to swallow. It will never be an easy journey. We sometimes feel broken because we are not perfect. There will always be challenges along the way. But what is important is how you always choose to be strong no matter what.

Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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