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The Reality of Life as Portrayed by Humorous Illustrations (30 Pics)

Art is something that should speak your truth. But in today’s digital world, it is also important that it speaks for the people. It should be something relatable, eye-catchy, and pokes fun.

Andrés Colmenares (, an artist, creates humorous and cartoonish works that elicit feel-good feeling in his followers.

Here at Viral Strange, we collected 30 of his amazing works:

1. Live in the moment.

comic about an avocado saying I need to live in the moment
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Don’t overthink about the things that you can’t control. Do it one day at a time always. Appreciate what you have today.

2. The right timing will be worth it.

comic about trees talking
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Keep believing that whatever is for you, will happen at the right time. You will have your time to shine for sure. Be patient about it.

3. Be kind because everyone is fighting a silent battle.

Blue from Inside Out putting a smile on her face
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Stay kind because someone might be carrying baggage that you know nothing about. Some people are good at faking their emotions because no one listens to them.

4. There is nothing wrong with being different.

comic about broccoli
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

There is no need for you to fit in because you are born to stand out. Always be confident with your own skin always.

5. Everything will fall in its perfect places.

comic about ladybird beetle and a flower talking that everything will be okay
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Whatever you are going through, it will pass for sure. Things will eventually be okay. You just have to believe.

6. Social media makes it easy to remember important dates.

comic about remembering someone's birthday because of Facebook
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Social media reminds us of our loved ones’ important days easily. It is a good thing, but we have to maintain a good connection with everyone beyond it.

7. Reading is power.

comic of an apple reading
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Reading is power. It enhances your imagination and knowledge. Always be ready to explore and learn new things because learning does not end.

8. Be positive.

comic about dextrose that says b positive
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Look at the bright side of life always. There are always reasons for everything.

9. The biggest problem of the world is us, humans.

comic about earth talking to other planets saying that she knows a horror story about humans
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

We are not setting a good example. We take Mother Earth’s resources, and we even destroy her in return. Time will come that we will feel wrath all because of our wrongdoings.

10. Love yourself and share it with everyone. 

comic about a man talking about loving himself
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

You can’t give something that you do not have, so love should start within yourself. When you love yourself, it will radiate naturally to other people.

11. Be patient with each other.

comic about trees talking about holding each other
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Be patient with one another. Hold each other hand until the end. All the sacrifices you made for each other will be worth it.

12. Growing together.

comic about raisins growing together
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Love is growing together against all odds. No one must be left behind. It takes two to tango always.

13. True friends will always be there for you.

comic about dinosaurs and butterflies
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

14. Love isn’t always sweet.

comic about melon and lemon kissing
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Love is about each other’s flaws and imperfections. Be brave enough to embrace everything.

15. Be a light to someone.

comic about a lampshade giving light to a dead plant
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Say kind words to someone. Help someone struggling in the dark. Be the key to change always.

16. Simple gestures make a difference.

comic about apples being caught in the rain
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

It is not about the material things, but the sweet genuine efforts you make. It is always the genuine thoughts and intentions that matter.

17. True love never stops.

comic about a couple portraying till death do us part
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

True love is rare, so it lasts forever. Not even death can stop you from loving each other. It is one of a kind and the purest and beautiful.

18. Music makes things lighter.

comic about clouds talking about music
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

When everything seems to fail, listen to your favorite music. You do not have to say anything. It will speak for how you feel.

19. Doing things together.

comic about a pyramid and a box making a house
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Love is a two-way street. You have to help one another for it to work. It is about consistently understanding one another all the time.

20. Goodbye is always hard to accept.

comic of a tape measure begging the screw driver to stay
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Goodbyes are hard to swallow because it is not easy to forget about the memories you shared. The distance between you two is hard to bear.

21. Find your purpose.

comic about a cloud giving rain to a plant
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

You are here in this world for a greater reason. You have a purpose to live up to. Find it and you will be happier.

22. There is nothing wrong with you.

comic about a horse interviewing a unicorn
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Some people may not accept you, but there will be those who will be your people. They will accept you despite you being imperfect. They will never judge you at all.

23. Technology drastically changed our lives.

a comic about a Wi-Fi fetching a boy playing outside
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Technology is good, but nothing beats exploring nature and playing outside. Just balance everything because you can have the best of both worlds.

24. You will soon find your match.

comic of a key proposing
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

When the right person comes, it will be worth the wait. It is not perfect at all, but everything about how you feel speaks of genuineness. True love does exist, so never stop loving.

25. What you see is not always what it seems.

comic about dinosaurs fighting
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Do not say anything if you do not know the real story. Never say anything based on your emotions because you might regret it in the end.

26. Friday is fly day.

comic about showing Friday is a happy day
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

After hustling hard during weekdays, you deserve a break and booze by Friday. Working hard is okay, but you need to balance everything too. Have fun because life is short.

27. Your presence is the best gift.

comic of sheep's loving each other
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Loving someone means appreciating everything about their presence. The best gift you can give to one another is time.

28. Mom still knows best.

comic about a mother firefly and her child talking
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Sometimes we feel like we are already old enough to make decisions, but the truth is we are still not ready for the world. We still need our mom to guide us in our journey until we are ready to fly on our own wings.

29. Be a friend to anyone.

comic about a wolf and a wild pig being friends
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

Instead of taking advantage of someone’s vulnerabilities, guide them. Empower them to be stronger and better.

30. Smile it makes a difference.

comic of clouds smiling
© Andrés J. Colmenares ‏/ Instagram

You do not all the problems of the world, so never forget to flash a smile.

Life is never perfect. Sometimes, we fall, and sometimes we are on top. What makes a difference is how we take every struggle we face along the way. Sometimes, a little humor is necessary for us to keep going.

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Preview photo credit: wawawiwadesign / instagram

Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

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