Italian island with a population of 100 people is being overrun by 600 goats

A picturesque Italian gem, Alicudi, finds itself in a peculiar predicament as its tranquil landscape is now dominated by a surprising intruder – goats.

With a staggering sixfold outnumbering of goats to humans, Mayor Riccardo Gullo paints a stark picture of the island’s plight. Nestled just off the coast of Sicily, Alicudi, home to a mere 100 inhabitants, is grappling with an astonishing population of 600 goats.


In a candid social media post, Mayor Gullo lamented, “Alicudi is overrun with goats.” Traditionally, these goats have peacefully roamed the island’s rugged mountains and cliffs, but their burgeoning numbers have spurred an unprecedented infiltration into residential enclaves, wreaking havoc on gardens and greenery, as reported by BBC News.


Seeking a solution to this pastoral predicament, Mayor Gullo devised a novel initiative: the “Adopt A Goat” program. With the aim of rehoming these wayward animals, the program invites interested parties to submit adoption applications by Wednesday.

“We have to find a solution,” Mayor Gullo stressed, acknowledging the urgency of the situation.Amidst the charm of this idyllic island, the usual price tag for a goat in Italy hovers around €200, roughly $217 USD.


However, in a gesture of goodwill, the Alicudi goats are offered free of charge to prospective adopters. Mayor Gullo assures that each goat will undergo thorough vetting before finding its new home, ensuring the well-being of both the animals and their adoptive families.

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