Kanye West’s new wife Bianca Censori gets dressed

Bianca Censori has finally opted for more modest attire after causing a stir in Europe with her risqué outfits.

On Tuesday night, the 29-year-old Yeezy architect made headlines by donning her most daring outfit yet, going without underwear beneath sheer stockings during a public outing.

However, on Wednesday, while accompanying the 46-year-old rapper in Paris, Bianca chose to depart from her usual revealing attire, opting instead for a leather trench coat. This change came amidst reports suggesting Bianca might face legal consequences, including prison time or a €15,000 fine, for pushing the boundaries of public decency with her previous outfit.

As they left The Ritz for lunch, Kanye concealed his face with a black mask and sported an all-black waterproof ensemble, while Bianca donned the oversized trench coat over fishnet tights and black kitten heels. Notably, she accessorized with earrings depicting a middle finger, a nod to the necklace Kanye had worn the day before.

Though she was more covered up, Bianca maintained her penchant for hosiery as a fashion statement. The couple attracted attention from onlookers, with fans clamoring for autographs from the “Golddigger” hitmaker. Interestingly, Bianca’s attire bore resemblance to Kim’s fashion choices during her time in Paris with Kanye in 2020.

Written by Telha

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