Kanye West reveals new album cover featuris his naked wife

On Saturday, the 46-year-old rapper from Chicago, who was previously married to Kim Kardashian, shared his new album, featuring a bold cover with his wife Bianca Censori posing topless.

In the photo, West stands beside her, clad in all black attire, complemented by a white mask reminiscent of Friday the 13th. Censori’s back is partially obscured by a sheer black material cinched with a thin waistband, accentuating her slender waist. Additionally, she wears thigh-high black pantyhose and high heels, posing with her back to the camera.

Bianca’s short, sleek black hair is styled with a slight upward curl at the nape of her neck. Alongside various album-related images, West shared the cover shot on Instagram early Saturday, announcing the release of “VULTURES 1 OUT NOW.”

Earlier in the week, the YZY designer unveiled the music video for the single “TALKING/ONCE AGAIN,” featuring their 10-year-old daughter North West. In the visualizer, North sings the opening lines, “It’s your bestie. Miss, Miss Westie. Don’t try to test me. It’s gonna get messy. It’s gonna get messy. Just just bless me! Bless me!”

Fans have enthusiastically responded to North’s appearance on the project, which was first unveiled during an album listening party in Miami last December. During the event, she joined her father and Ty Dolla $ign on stage, captivating the audience with her singing and dancing. The music video showcases intimate shots of North singing while her hair is being braided by unidentified individuals, their faces unseen.

Written by Telha

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