Fans freak out hearing Bianca Censori’s voice

Fans were surprised to hear BiancaCensori’s Australian accent for the first time as she spoke at the 2022 CFS Summit in Paris, with reactions quickly surfacing on social media.

In a significant revelation for fans, Bianca Censori’s distinct Australian accent was finally unveiled as she took the stage at the 2022 CFS Summit in Paris, representing a notable departure from her previously silent public persona.


The emergence of a clip from the event on Reddit, circulating on a Tuesday, showcased Censori’s articulate address, where she introduced herself as an architectural designer hailing from Melbourne, Australia, and currently occupying a pivotal role as the lead architectural designer at Yeezy, situated in Los Angeles.


Adorned with longer locks and sporting a natural makeup look in the footage, the now-29-year-old not only provided insight into her professional endeavors but also shared anecdotes of collaborating with renowned designers such as James Turrell, Valerio Olgiati, and Vincent Van Duysen, underscoring her impressive industry credentials and experiences.

Her impassioned declaration towards the conclusion of the clip, expressing her fervent enthusiasm for architecture, illuminated her dedication to exploring the intersection between the physical and the abstract, showcasing a profound commitment to pushing the boundaries of design innovation.


“My passion for architecture lies in fabrication, conceptualizing the future of built space and exploring the bridge between the physical and the meta.”

“Shocked” social media users quickly reacted to hearing Censori speak for the first time.


One user noted, “It’s wild that this is the first time hearing her voice. I’ve seen more parts of that body that I have some people I’ve slept with, but that’s the first I’ve ever heard her talk??”

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