Kids Being The Funniest

Kids are considered the best comedians. That happens naturally, of course. Their sense of humor is impeccable!

Kids are considered the best comedians. That happens naturally, of course. Their sense of humor is impeccable!

Viral Strange has collected 16 pictures of kids being the funniest and putting a smile on our faces.

1. I took my 7y/o nephew to the Lego store where he could customize and print his own Lego figure out of 100 different patterns, colors, designs, etc. He took 2 mins to write a ‘B’ on the default option and said he is done. 12€ for this:

© LazyMayz / Reddit

2. I would never have expected watching our son poop to be such a parenting highlight.

© bam25888 / Reddit

3. Our niece wasn’t thrilled about the first kiss.

© JConaSpree / Reddit

4. My daughter has that Nicholas Cage energy

© tehdrizzle / Reddit, © Con Air / Jerry Bruckheimer Films and co-producers

5. My young niece and I send each other funny cards in the mail sometimes. Her latest one really cut me deep.

© TheToolMan / Reddit

6. April Fool’s prank by my 11 yo child – super proud parent moment.

© purple_house / Reddit

7. I don’t know what to think about this one.

© WhingDhing / Reddit

8. My wife and child argued. This is the outcome, a heart is broken, and mum is canceled. artist is 6

© ch25stam25 / Reddit

9. If my daughter keeps doing her own eye makeup, child protective services are gonna come knocking pretty soon

© TheTonz / Reddit

10. Baby tries lime for the first time

© ***man818 / Reddit

11. My kid drew this picture of me

© ieure / Reddit

12. My 11-year-old daughter’s April Fools’ joke on us. She hid the toilet paper and replaced it with masking tape.

© originalrototiller / Reddit

13. On my 16yo son’s whiteboard this morning.

© alanstanwyk / Reddit

14. The last page of my daughter’s dino book she made for her elementary school assignment.

© minjenzo / Reddit

15. The second day of life, and my daughter is already not impressed

© Sonakstyle / Reddit

16. My nephew…

© katz30 / Reddit

Do you think kids are funny? Can you tell us any story? Write it in the comments below.

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