Man comes across giant shark in the Atlantic, people freak out thinking it’s Megalodon

A man’s voyage across the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean sparked widespread speculation and trepidation regarding the potential resurgence of one of the ocean’s most formidable creatures.

Taking to social media platform TikTok, user Alex Albrecht shared a video capturing a sighting that sent shivers down the spines of many, casting doubt on the safety of venturing into the deep blue. Under the handle ‘@.alex.albrecht’, the video was accompanied by a chilling caption: “Sailed six weeks in the Atlantic saw this big f***ing shark.”

@.alex.albrecht TikTok

The video swiftly amassed over 41 million views, igniting a fervent discussion among social media users eager to decipher the identity of the colossal marine predator.

As speculation ran rampant in the comments section, one particular suggestion gained widespread popularity among TikTok denizens.

@.alex.albrecht TikTok

The mere mention of the megalodon stirred primal fears. Renowned for its colossal proportions, these ancient leviathans could reach lengths of up to 60 feet, dwarfing even the largest specimens of the modern great white shark, as corroborated by the Natural History Museum.

@.alex.albrecht TikTok

Extensive research and fossil evidence have conclusively determined that the megalodon met its demise approximately 3.6 million years ago.

Written by Telha

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