Fears of a wider regional war after Iran launches dozens of drones towards Israel

Iran has launched its first direct attack on Israel, deploying hundreds of suicide drones and ballistic missiles to overwhelm air defenses, prompting Israel to impose restrictions on civilian activities, including educational gatherings, as a precautionary measure.

Iran has launched its first-ever direct attack on Israel, employing hundreds of suicide drones and ballistic missiles in a coordinated assault.

The objective of this extensive attack is to overwhelm Israel’s robust air defense systems. Initial reports indicate that some of the drones have already infiltrated Syrian and Jordanian airspace, with a full-scale missile strike anticipated to commence imminently, as stated by Fars News Agency.

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According to ABC News, U.S. officials have intelligence suggesting that Iran plans to deploy approximately 500 drones and missiles from various locations, including Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. This multi-pronged approach underscores the scale and sophistication of Iran’s offensive strategy.

In response to the imminent threat, Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has announced stringent measures to safeguard civilian lives and infrastructure.

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The restrictions include a prohibition on educational activities and gatherings exceeding 1,000 people, as reported by The Times of Israel. These measures are aimed at minimizing the potential impact of the impending attack and ensuring the safety of Israeli citizens.

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