Miss Japan Gives Up Crown 2 Weeks After Victory Due to Scandal

Discover why Miss Japan relinquished her crown just two weeks after her triumph. The heartbreaking reason behind her decision was revealed.

Miss Japan, Karolina Shiino, aged 26, achieved the prestigious title just two weeks ago. However, the world was recently shocked to learn that she was giving up her crown following a scandal.

Miss Japan
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Shukan Bunshun recently published an exposé alleging that Ms. Shiino engaged in an affair. According to the article, she was reportedly romantically linked to a married influencer and doctor, with no public response from the man implicated.

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Initially, the pageant organizers defended Ms. Shiino, claiming she was unaware of the man’s marital status. However, they later disclosed that Karolina Shiino confessed to knowing about his marriage and family.

The 26-year-old apologized for her misleading statements, and the Miss Japan Association accepted her resignation from the title, organizers confirmed.

Miss Japan
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In a statement on Monday, Karolina Shiino extended apologies to her fans and the public, admitting her actions stemmed from fear and panic in response to the report. She expressed deep remorse, saying, “I am truly sorry for the huge trouble I have caused and for betraying those who supported me.”

Despite having multiple runners-up, the Miss Japan title will remain vacant for the rest of the year.

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