Ukraine-born Miss Japan Gives Up Crown After Married Man Affair

The winner of the Miss Japan beauty pageant, who was born in Ukraine, resigned from her title following a tabloid report exposing her involvement in an affair with a married man.

Karolina Shiino, 26, recently won the Miss Japan title, igniting both celebration and controversy due to her Ukrainian heritage. While some applauded her victory as a symbol of diversity, others criticized her for not embodying traditional Japanese beauty standards. Amidst the debate, a local magazine published an exposé alleging her involvement in an affair.


The article in Shukan Bunshun detailed Ms. Shiino’s alleged relationship with a married influencer and doctor, who has yet to publicly respond.

Initially, pageant organizers defended Shiino, claiming she was unaware of the man’s marital status. However, on Monday, they revealed she had confessed to knowing about his marriage and family. Consequently, she apologized for misleading others and resigned from her title, as confirmed by the Miss Japan Association.

In her statement, Ms. Shiino expressed remorse for causing trouble and betraying her supporters, attributing her actions to fear and panic in response to the report. The Miss Japan crown will remain vacant for the year, although there were other runners-up in the competition.

Shiino, born in Ukraine, moved to Japan at age five with her mother and adopted her step-father’s Japanese surname. Fluent in Japanese and naturalized in 2022, she spoke of gratitude upon receiving the title, highlighting her journey of acceptance as a Japanese citizen.

Written by Telha

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