Owner nearly abandons vacation after seeing heartbreaking footage on his pet cam

A cat owner’s heartstrings were tugged by their cat’s pitiful meowing, captured on pet cams and shared on TikTok, which almost made them cancel their holiday plans.

A cat owner recounted how their cat’s pitiful meowing nearly convinced them to cancel their holiday plans. While cats are generally more independent than dogs, they can still miss their humans when they go on vacation.

For this particular cat owner, witnessing their feline friend’s demeanor while they were away was enough to tug at their heartstrings.


Meet Pawl the Cat, the star of a TikTok account called @acatnamedpawl, which follows his many exploits for viewers on social media. Pawl’s owners went on vacation, leaving him mostly alone in the house, though they ensured that someone checked on him daily.


They also installed pet cams in the house to monitor his activities while they were away. One clip of Pawl holding a fish toy and meowing forlornly garnered approximately 12.1 million views.

Owner Jonah told Newsweek: “I found Pawl about four years ago. I had been living in an apartment on the ground floor for about a week and then a kitten showed up and started scratching at my window. We’ve been best friends ever since.

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