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Started using alcohool at 9 and drugs at 12, 52 year old celebrates one year of sobriety

After 43 years of substance abuse, 52-year-old Darren Bell from Grimsby has celebrated one year of sobriety, having battled addiction since he was nine years old.

After 43 years of battling with drugs and alcohol, Darren Bell, a 52-year-old from Grimsby, has finally put an end to his destructive habits.

Once consumed by a lifestyle of substance abuse, Darren would ingest “whatever he could get his hands on” and found himself ensnared in the grips of addiction from a tender age.


Darren’s journey into addiction began at just nine years old, sparked by childhood trauma. By the age of 12, he was already smoking cannabis, and his troubles compounded when he was sent to a young offenders’ center at 13. By the time Darren reached 19, his life had spiraled into chaos as he grappled with a crippling addiction to heroin and various other hard drugs.


The toll of his substance abuse manifested in kidney and lung failure, prompting him to make the courageous decision to turn his life around.

Last month marked a significant milestone for Darren as he celebrated one year of sobriety, a remarkable achievement that signifies the triumph of resilience and determination over adversity.

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