Man’s body produces its own alcohol, he gets cleared of drunk driving

A remarkable case unfolded in Belgium where a man, discovered to be four times above the legal alcohol limit, was acquitted of drink driving charges after the court determined he had not consumed any alcohol.

Despite being stopped by law enforcement on three separate occasions for suspected drunk driving, he vehemently denied consuming any alcohol each time.

Surprisingly, despite his assertions, his blood alcohol levels registered at a staggering 2.09mg, surpassing Belgium’s legal limit of 0.5mg by more than fourfold.⁠


However, justice prevailed when it was established that the man suffered from a rare medical condition known as brewery syndrome (ABS).

According to Healthline, this condition causes the body to ferment sugary and starchy foods into alcohol, leading to elevated alcohol levels without actual consumption.⁠


Also referred to as gut fermentation syndrome and endogenous ethanol fermentation, ABS presents a peculiar situation where one can experience the effects of intoxication without imbibing alcoholic beverages.⁠


This unique circumstance undoubtedly poses both advantages and challenges, offering an intriguing blend of fortune and complexity.

Written by Telha

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