Subtle Clues He’s Playing Around With You

Uncover the subtle clues indicating that he’s just playing around with you and not looking for something serious.

Subtle clues of being played with by your boyfriend are there, even if you might have your “pink glasses” on. If you seek a profound commitment, beware of men who prefer casual flings.

Detecting manipulative and noncommittal behavior becomes challenging, but it’s vital for those longing for a lasting partnership. Protect yourself by remaining vigilant for subtle clues of being played.

1. Dating apps on his phone

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He’s keeping his options open, reluctant to delete dating apps as he wants to explore what’s available in the dating scene.

2. No talks about the future

Subtle Clues
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He avoids discussions about the future, showing no willingness to progress the relationship. Content with the status quo, he lacks the commitment to move things forward, leaving your relationship without structure or direction.

3. He hangs out often without you

Subtle Clues
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His lack of interest in including you in his life is evident. You feel like a spectator, as he never invites you out or introduces you to his friends. It’s clear he’s comfortable with both of you leading separate, independent lives.

4. Fu*ckboy reputation

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Occasionally, rumors can provide valuable insights into a man’s character. While people can change, it’s not uncommon to consider their reputation. If his behavior aligns with what you’ve heard, it should raise a red flag. Still, remain open-minded and allow for the possibility of growth.

5. Flirting with others in front of you

Subtle Clues
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He casually flirts with other girls in your presence, displaying a lack of concern for your feelings. His selfishness prevails and keeps disregarding the impact on your emotions.

6. No definition for your thing

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He evades the conversation when you attempt to define the relationship with him. His responses are either deliberately vague, or he swiftly changes the subject altogether. It becomes evident that he lacks genuine interest in making your connection official.

7. No pictures with you whatsoever

Subtle Clues
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He avoids taking photos with you, intentionally keeping a distance to downplay any sense of significance or commitment. Perhaps he fears you’ll share those images on social media, further complicating his intentions.

8. He doesn’t show you on socials

Subtle Clues
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He shows no signs of acknowledging your presence on social media as if you don’t exist to him in that space. He avoids a deeper connection between you two and does not acknowledge your relationship publicly.

9. He only hookups with you

Subtle Clues
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He rarely initiates plans to spend time with you. When he does, it’s solely for physical intimacy. He shows no interest in building emotional connections or genuine bonds; he’s satisfied with casual encounters.

10. He’s not a man of his word

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He consistently fails to honor his promises and commitments to you, showing little concern for the disappointment and hurt he causes. Following through on his words holds no importance for him, as he freely raises your hopes only to let you down.

11. Surrounded by girls all the time

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He maintains a circle of female companions, not merely as friends, but by actively seeking new connections. The underlying motive behind this behavior is his desire to preserve multiple options.

So, did you ever have any subtle clues he was playing around with you? How did you manage to stay safe in that kind of relationship? Let us know in the comments.

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