Clues You’re Just a Toy to Him

Discover the clues that indicate you may be a plaything to him rather than a serious partner. Don’t ignore these red flags.

Clues are often present, but sometimes we only catch a glimpse of the mountain. It’s easy to hope for a stable relationship, but end up with a perverted jokester who values physical appearance over personality.


While some may recognize the situation for what it is, others may become emotionally invested. Therefore, it’s crucial to assess your relationship and watch for any indications that he’s treating you like a toy because you deserve better.

1. Not Interested:

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To spot whether a guy is only in it for the fun, you need to be observant. He won’t show enough interest in your life, such as your goals, aspirations, and skills if he’s not serious. Stay aware and draw your conclusions.

2. Not Ready To Compromise:

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In relationships, sacrifices are often made to keep things together, a sign of true love. However, a time-wasting partner fears getting too close and won’t make sacrifices. Take this as a red flag.

3. Makes Excuses:

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He’s the perfect candidate for the iron throne, with his excuses as swords and friends as knights. Modern-day men who treat you like a toy won’t be there for you when you need them and will use “busy” as a cop-out. True love doesn’t depend on mood.

4. Physical Appearance Only:

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If he’s only interested in your figure and overlooks your personality, he’s a transparent douchebag. These guys are all about physical appearance but show little appreciation for your abilities or other traits. Don’t be a toy – watch out for the red flags of a time-wasting partner.

5. No Efforts:

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Relationships are a balance, both sides need equal weights. But, a guy who’s only in it for fun will prioritize your relationship last, like an aunt who only wants to eat pie but never make it, leaving you with the dishes.

6. Selfish:

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If he prioritizes his happiness over yours and disregards your schedule, it’s a clear sign he’s only dating you for his pleasure. A man who values mutual understanding is the one you should choose over someone who prioritizes only himself.

7. Bootycall King:

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If a guy only calls you when he needs something, it’s a sign he only values your looks. A committed partner would check in or express missing you. Excuses for not texting or calling signal a player, not a keeper.

8. Runs Away From Your Inner Circle:

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A guy who is only interested in a casual relationship will dread meeting your family and make excuses to avoid it. Genuine guys show interest in your life, while a lack of interest in your family and friends is a sign of a time-waster.

9. Does Not Share:

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If he avoids sharing his emotions and past experiences, he may be a time-waster who’s not serious about you. True love knows no boundaries, so confront him to find out if his feelings are genuine.

10. Toxic Jealousy:

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The worst and most obvious signs are here: if he’s a player, he may be jealous and demand you stop talking to other guys, revealing his insecurity or lack of trust. Jealousy can be cute, but not when it goes too far.

11. Neglects You:

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He shows disinterest when you talk about your day or ask for a favor, indicating that you’re not a priority. Such guys prioritize hookups over relationships, lacking respect for women seeking commitment.

12. All About Him:

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If he never includes you in his future goals and aspirations, it’s a sign he’s not serious about the relationship. Leave if you want to avoid getting hurt. If you’re attached to him, confront him honestly and watch his actions closely. Remember, it’s all about him.

13. Isolated Relationship:

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A healthy relationship involves sharing lives and doing things together, including getting to know each other’s friends. If he’s keeping you away from his friends, it’s a red flag that you may not be a priority in his life. Don’t settle for less.

14. He Is Always Right:

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In a relationship, partners typically rely on each other’s input for decision-making. However, if your partner is only wasting your time, he won’t seek your opinion and may manipulate you with emotions to get his way. He takes advantage of you because the relationship holds no value to him.

15. READY To Get Physical:

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If a guy only wants sex and doesn’t care about who you are, it’s a major red flag. A genuine guy prioritizes your comfort over sex. Don’t waste your time with players, unless you want to waste your own time. Take action if you’re seeking a meaningful relationship.

Have you gotten any clues your partner might not be taking you seriously? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

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