Surgeon: This body part indicates penis size

In a recent segment on the Diary of a CEO podcast, Dr. Rena Malik, a respected surgeon specializing in sexual health, debunked a prevailing myth regarding the correlation between a man’s hands, feet, and penis size.

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Malik emphasized that one cannot accurately gauge the size of a man’s genitalia solely by examining the dimensions of his hands and feet.


This revelation challenges a common stereotype perpetuated by society, particularly the notion that men with larger feet possess larger penises.

Hailing from the prestigious medical communities of Beverly Hills and Irvine, California, Dr. Malik drew upon her extensive expertise to shed light on the matter. She referenced a notable study conducted in Japan, albeit acknowledging its inherent limitations due to the exclusively Japanese male sample, which revealed an intriguing correlation between nose length and penile size.


While the study’s findings may warrant further exploration and validation across diverse populations, they serve as a thought-provoking departure from conventional wisdom surrounding anatomical indicators of male genital size.


Despite refraining from delving into additional research linking nose dimensions to penile length, Dr. Malik’s insight underscores the complexity of human anatomy and the need for nuanced understanding in the realm of sexual health.

Written by Telha

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