Things You Did Not Know About Motherhood

Things you should have known before being a mother

Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling a woman can ever experience. Of course, it is not so easy, and not everything is as it looks. During pregnancy, women go through different changes not only in their bodies but even their humor and their psychology.

This is caused by the hormonal release that is very important to protect the baby and the mother and give her strength.

1. Body changes the way it looks

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There is no importance in how you look, now everything that matters is the baby. You can not do anything without your baby in your arms. Your routine will change forever, so you have to invent other tasks to make life easier and much more manageable.

2. Breastfeeding is not always easy

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Breastfeeding does not always come naturally. Some mothers do not produce milk at all, others may have infections or mastitis. At first, babies could have difficulties attacking the mother’s breast. It is not an easy process, but all the mothers can do it with strength.

3. Everyone is going to give you information

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This is one of the hardest parts. Everyone in your family and friends will give you a lot of advice about everything, or can even tell you how and what to do with your child. It is very nice of them, but at the same time, it can give you nuisance because you are the only one who really knows your child, and only you know what he likes and don’t like.

4. You must learn to say No.

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You must say no to your child. It is very important to let know to your baby that not everything is allowed. The specialist says that this behavior can only damage your child, so he will go out and think that the world revolves around him. He should not do more than he is allowed to do.

5. You are going to feel stressed

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No one is perfect, and we all know that. Stop trying to pull yourselves beyond your limits. Every mother wants the best for the child, but try to enjoy this experience and let things flow naturally.

6. Diaper surprises

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Even diapers are important too. You are going to look after the perfect diaper brand for your baby. Even if you think you have found the perfect one, be prepared to get some surprises, poop, and pee everywhere.

7. Your baby will always surprise you

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The behavior of your baby will never be predictable. You are going to be surprised a lot, day by day, by his actions at any age.
They grow up so fast and become so funny that you will never stop laughing with them.

8. Your marriage will not be the same

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The family will not be the same either because the routine of everyone in the house will change. There are going to be much more misunderstandings between wife and husband. But, except this, your marriage is going to be much stronger together and your heart will melt when you will spend time all together as a family.

Written by Sara Cyrbja

Micro-Biology scientist 🧬 , part-time copywriter and a fun fact is that I adore traveling as much as i can ✈️

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