This man has repeatedly been arrested for the same crime every time but has never said a word

“The Silent Man” evokes an aura reminiscent of a classic movie villain, but in reality, David Hampson’s actions in Swansea paint a more mundane yet perplexing picture.

Repeatedly, he’s found himself in trouble with the law for a peculiar habit: standing motionless in the middle of the road, causing significant traffic disruptions.

What’s more intriguing is his response to law enforcement—total silence. Throughout police interrogations and court proceedings, David steadfastly refuses to speak, opting to maintain an enigmatic silence.

However, his brother John sheds some light on the situation, revealing that David is far from mute; in fact, he’s quite talkative in other contexts.

According to John, David’s silent protests are merely a facade, driven by a desire for a comfortable life behind bars rather than any genuine activism.

This pattern of behavior has landed David in trouble with the law multiple times, with convictions dating back to 2014 and subsequent arrests in 2016, 2017, 2018, and another instance in 2021.

Written by Telha

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