Vanessa Bryant Cheers Tribute Tattoo for Kobe and Gigi

Vanessa Bryant celebrates a touching tribute tattoo honoring Kobe and Gigi – a heartfelt gesture capturing enduring love and remembrance.

Vanessa Bryant took to social media to share a powerful moment amid the mourning of Kobe Bryant’s loss.

Fans are finding solace in tribute tattoos for the basketball legend and his daughter Gigi, who tragically perished in a helicopter crash on January 26, along with seven others.

Vanessa expressed her emotions by posting an image of a particularly moving tattoo that resonated deeply with her.

Vanessa Bryant

Renowned tattoo artist Steve Butcher showcased his incredible artistry, capturing a radiant moment of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi, surrounded by a delicate swarm of butterflies.

Vanessa Bryant shared a photo of the tattoo on her Instagram, commending the artist: “Just came across this. So amazing. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to my Gigi and Kobe. Kobe would never want to outshine our baby girl. Thank you for honoring them together❤️. @benji_kb24 This is really beautiful. @stevebutchertattoos”


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This remarkable artwork garnered over 2 million reactions, with comments such as “It’s beautiful, a masterpiece ❤️” and “Wow!! Stunning work.”

The hyper-realism artist expressed gratitude, stating, “Thank you so much Vanessa I’ve always wanted to be able to show you guys my work and show you how much love everyone has for you and your family!”


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Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, and currently residing in California, Steve draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of pop culture. His portfolio encompasses portraits of sports legends, musicians, movie stars, loved ones, comic book characters, animals, and beyond, as stated on his website.


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Steve has been creating weekly Kobe tribute tattoos since the tragic helicopter crash that took the NBA legend’s life, as reported by TMZ. You need to witness his incredible craftsmanship to truly appreciate it.

In the artistry of Steve’s weekly Kobe tributes, each tattoo becomes a poignant canvas reflecting love, loss, and an enduring legacy. As we glimpse into these heartfelt creations, we find solace in the permanence of memories etched on the skin—a powerful homage to a basketball icon and his beloved daughter.

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