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Vera Wang, the 73 Years-Old Fashion Designer, Shares Her Youth Tips

Vera Wang is a 73 years-old fashion designer. She shared her tips on how to keep a youthful appearance, just like she does.

Vera Wang is a 73 years-old fashion designer. Even though experts suggest staying away from the sun, sleeping well, and getting daily exercises to keep a youthful appearance.

On the other hand, Vera Wang shares her tips on how to have a younger look. She looks younger than other people her age, and now you can learn all her secrets for such a youthful look.

Viral Strange thinks everybody is beautiful, no matter their age. However, we have gathered some secrets from Vera Wang that will come in handy in your daily routines.

1. Vera uses baby oil when bathing.

Vera Wang
© verawang / Instagram, © verawang / Instagram

Vera is careful with the products she uses because of her allergies. She loves taking baths as they calm her more. She moisturizes with baby oil because it soothes her skin. Also, Vera uses a moisturizer with SPF 30 for sunblock.

2. Wang trusts that being productive helps with aging slower.

© verawang / Instagram, © verawang / Instagram

Vera believes that working with beautiful women, whom she considers her muses, and being productive, helps deal with aging. She thinks that people should learn to try and continue growing.

3. Vera wears light blue sunglasses.

Vera Wang
© verawang / Instagram, © verawang / Instagram

Working in an industry where Vera has to spend a lot of time looking at her phone and screens, she uses light blue sunglasses. She says: “We need to be mindful because the damage will catch up to us eventually.” Vera has a collection of sunglasses curated since 1973.

4. Vera Wang cycles and plays golf.

© verawang / Instagram, © verawang / Instagram

She loves cycling and playing golf. Vera keeps her workout routine light because she is not very fond of exercising. Her exercises include weight lifting less than 4 pounds.

5. Vera eats junk food, too.

Vera Wang
© verawang / Instagram, © verawang / Instagram, © verawang / Instagram

Her kitchen has a healthy fridge, a soda fridge, and an ice cream freezer. She also has her pantries in categories, such as candies, cereals, or chips.

Vera eats junk food, too. “I eat a lot of McDonald’s. I’ll add the Oreo McFlurry too. I know people say it’s all bad for you, but I don’t think it is. It’s not much worse than a lot of other stuff out there,” said Vera.

How is your daily routine? Do you take care of your appearance? What are some methods you use to keep your youth on point? Tell us in the comments below.

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