Woman Renews Her Passport Because is Unrecognizable to Border Agents Due to Plastic Surgeries

A British woman, facing mobility challenges due to surgeries, decided to change her passport after encountering questions from passport control staff. In response, she submitted a photo from a decade ago for the new passport.

In an effort to end incessant questioning about her identity during international travel, Joanne Prophet took a drastic step – she decided to obtain a new passport.

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The 28-year-old beautician revealed that she regularly faced interrogation from airport and airline staff who couldn’t believe she was the person depicted in her passport photo. This issue became particularly distressing during a frightening experience in Turkey, where she was subjected to an hour-long interrogation by six men.

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Joanne shared her 10-year transformation on TikTok, acknowledging her “glow-up” and attributing it to a series of cosmetic procedures. Her journey included a nose job, two boob jobs, dental work, chin and lip filler, fat dissolving injections, skin boosters, hair extensions, and fake eyelashes. Despite the frustrations with passport control, she humorously showcased her transformation in a video that garnered nearly 200,000 views on TikTok.

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In response to her post, users flooded the comments, with some comparing her new photo to that of a ‘supermodel’ and others sharing similar experiences at passport control. Joanne emphasized that cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, expressing that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

© Joanne Prophet / Instagram, © Joanne Prophet / Instagram

The rise in popularity and accessibility of plastic surgery was acknowledged, highlighting the evolving landscape of cosmetic procedures.

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