Woman who slept with 300 men: I will double this number next year

Annie Knight, known for her candidness about her personal life, aims to bed 365 men by the end of the year and plans to escalate to 600 the following year, having already surpassed 100 in 2024.

Annie Knight is renowned for her unabashed candor when it comes to discussing her private affairs. At just 26 years old, this model caused quite a stir in 2023 by proudly proclaiming her amorous exploits with 300 men. Now, she’s not just resting on her laurels; she’s raising the stakes.



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With a determined spirit, Annie has set her sights on a new milestone: bedding 365 men by the year’s end, and then ambitiously aiming for a staggering 600 in the following year.

Remarkably, Annie is well on her way to achieving her 2024 goal, having already surpassed the century mark in her conquests. In a recent interview with Perth Now, she mused about her future plans, pondering, “…I am already at 100 (for this year), but this has now got me thinking, what will I aim for next year? 600?”



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To realize this ambitious target, Annie must maintain an average of 11 to 12 relationships per week without any breaks throughout the entirety of the year. It’s a challenge that she seems more than willing to embrace in her quest for personal fulfillment and adventure.

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