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15+ Photos The More You Look The More You Can’t Explain

A Colletion of photos that you cant explain how they are really possible

We at Viral Strange dare you to take a look at this collection of photos we made for you and try to give an explanation of how this things can happen and to give your personal experience if you have ever come across things like this in your daily basis. Most of this pictures are from random encounters.

1. A crayfish starting a rebellion in an asian market


I fully support him because asians can eat everything that moves

2. A cat with different paws color


 I know that this may be a genetic thing but to me look like a puzzle to unlock an ancient Egyptian god

3. A beer with inline bubbles


Looks like the bubbles are falling in line to enter the forbidden ”mouth”

4. Wi-fi the plant killer


It looks like the waves of wi-fi halt the growth of this plant,i dident know this damage can be done by a wi-fi

5. A golf ball in middle of a tree trunk


How in hell this golf ball ended inside this tree trunk is unexplained

6. A Knife to remember


This knife was made by the Golden Bridge cable and turned to a magnificen knife to have

7. The biggest Shrek fan in the world


 How to laugh with King Farquaad a hundred times in a row

8. I have seen this thing on a movie


A freezing cold made inside the house like something from an apocalyptic movie

9. Weather it is an undercover artist


 Beautiful ice patterns formed in car glass during night snow fall

10. Freezing the antifreeze


How this is possible? I guess thats a thing in Iowa winter

11. That’s what i call a good polish


A polish i would pay in gold, thats a great work to who ever did it

12. I bet that’s a portal to heaven


A mornig light in the door glass createt this amazing pattern in the wall that looks like a portal

13. Ice crystal from Swiss snow


A snow day in Switzerland formend this giant crystal that looks beautiful

14. When tonado pass by


 A big storm or tornado ripped the asphalt and change its course

15. Broke like cutting cake


A fall of this plate to the sink made it broke like it was cut in even pieces

16. Imagine if it was the day of his 25th birthday


This man’s curls form perfectly the number 25 like it was handmade

Written by Igli Ismolli

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