2.5K monkeys in Thailand might end up in jail

In response to the escalating issues caused by thousands of macaque monkeys in Lopburi, Thai authorities have taken decisive action by rounding up 2,500 of these primates and relocating them to large enclosures situated outside the city limits.


The move comes amidst rising concerns over incidents of monkey aggression and the need to mitigate potential harm to both residents and the monkeys themselves.

While macaque monkeys hold cultural significance in Thailand and have long been a draw for tourists to the region, their overpopulation has led to numerous clashes with humans. From pilfering food and belongings to displaying aggressive behavior, the monkeys’ presence has increasingly disrupted daily life in Lopburi.


By relocating a substantial portion of the macaque population to designated enclosures, authorities hope to address the immediate challenges posed by their overpopulation. These enclosures provide a safer environment for the monkeys while also reducing the likelihood of conflicts with residents.

Additionally, efforts are underway to implement a long-term strategy for managing the macaque population in Lopburi. Some of the captured monkeys will be transferred to zoos where they can be cared for and observed in controlled environments.



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This not only helps alleviate the strain on Lopburi but also ensures the welfare of the relocated monkeys.

Furthermore, authorities are exploring measures to allow a limited number of macaques to remain within the city under carefully controlled conditions.



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This approach aims to strike a balance between preserving the cultural significance of the monkeys and ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

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