20 Pictures That Will Make You WOW

A collection of pictures that will make you not believe your eyes

Some things need a second look. Viral Strange will show 20 pictures that will make you WOW and not believe your eyes!

1. I love my girlfriend even if she’s a Gemini

© extracis /

2. Too many legs

© ynthona /

3. Hi there!

© SaltoAngel /

4. This building looks flat

© qwer1627 /

5. I found a stone that looks like a mini planet

© aylaphoenix /

6. My laptop keyboard produces the “black dot” illusion

© ThisNameIsValid27 /

7. My washing machine has a happy man on the back

© 62Lego_Bricks /

8. Just a crazy lamp

© bushenev /

9. The Georgia Pacific building in Atlanta looks two dimensional

© jasonballwine /

10. Woman and Child, 2010 by Sam Jinks

© Sam Jinks

11. What are you looking at punk

© treetree85 /

12. Uh…

© Aaaron N.

13. Took this funny picture of my roommate and his girlfriend

© unknown/imgur

14. Extra slim legs!

© milanoysl /

15. The way the snow collected on these statues

© MrsBoombastic98 /

16. Hedgehog


17. These are stacked metal pipes

© Lenity /

18. Cat spirit leaving cat body

© Aebecric /

19. Snapdragons Are Beautiful Flowers, But When They Die… They Turn Into Creepy As Fuck Looking Skulls

© fiberfairy /

20. Our dog looks like a fox and always smells like popcorn. 12/10 good boy!

© ilovemyking /

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