23-Year-Old Tracks Cheating Boyfriend with Tampon Codes

Discover how a 23-year-old ingeniously used tampon codes to expose her cheating boyfriend’s deception. A funny story!

A 23-year-old woman, determined to uncover her boyfriend’s infidelity, resorted to bizarre methods. In a viral video, she recounted her “berserk” and “psycho” tactics, which involved using tampons to catch a cheater.

23-Year-Old Tracks Cheating Boyfriend
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Lois Saunders, 23, shared her discovery on TikTok after finding a tampon and mascara hidden under her lover Finn’s dorm closet. Despite his denial of any female visitors, the clip went viral on the platform.

In her quest for truth, the determined British woman reached out to tampon companies, documenting her efforts in screenshots featured in the TikTok video. After persistent inquiry, she finally received a response.

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In an email to P&G customer service, the 23-year-old queried, Hello. What is the code on the side of the individual tampon for? I have a tampon with the code 93452080N2. It’s yellow; regular. Can you tell me when this was manufactured? … I am doing some investigation.”

A Tampax representative swiftly replied to Saunders’ inquiry, stating: Based on the code … the tampon was made December 11, 2019. Additionally, the representative clarified that while the tampons lack an official expiration date, they possess a shelf life of five years.

23-Year-Old Tracks Cheating Boyfriend
Credit: TikTok

In a subsequent video, Saunders shared her relief with followers, noting that the tampon’s creation date preceded Finn’s dorm move-in, clearing him of suspicion. One viewer humorously suggested DNA from mascara fibers as the next investigative step, poking fun at Saunders’ methods.

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The 23-year-old British woman with blonde hair disclosed that she had just started dating Finn seriously, leaving him likely surprised by the over four million views garnered by her TikTok video. Saunders remarked, We were just laughing about it together because it was a bit of a joke.”

“He had never swept under the wardrobe … I believe him. We are still together, and very happy! she further declared. Despite her optimism, some of Saunders’ followers found her actions concerning, with one branding her a “borderline psycho.”

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“Finn, run! Red flag! one male viewer wrote. Another criticized, There’s nothing that men hate more than a woman who not only doesn’t trust but then goes snooping. Because she has to be right. A third bluntly stated: This is why I’m gay. Reflecting on the situation, a fourth person mused, I’m not sure if this is genius or borderline psycho.”

Some of Saunders’ followers were awestruck by her investigative skills. If I ever get kidnapped, ask her to solve my case! exclaimed one fan. Another commented, The lengths us girls go to. Men have no idea what we’re capable of. They could never.”

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Acknowledging she might have pushed boundaries, Saunders confessed she might have gone “too far. However, she clarified that her actions hadn’t impacted her relationship; she and her partner remained together. Despite this, some critics weren’t convinced, arguing that Saunders’ detective work didn’t necessarily prove Finn’s innocence, as reported by the New York Post.

As the 23-year-old basked in her sudden internet fame, her boyfriend grappled with the aftermath, while poor Finn became the butt of her fleeting celebrity status. Whether this newfound attention would strain their relationship remains uncertain; only time will reveal their fate.

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