25 People Having A Very Crappy Day

People that had the worst day of their lives

If you are wondering why crappy things come your way, some other people have gone through the worst day of their lives.

So, have a deep breath and look at these pictures Viral Strange has collected for you to feel better and forget about that bad moment.

1. Does Anyone know how to jailbreak a TV?


2. Boyfriend tried to wash a down pillow…


3. Broke my foot in Cancun, the first day of my Honeymoon


4. Got to my apartment from work on a rainy day to find a roof leak right over my laptop…


5. Someone locked my bike with their own bike lock.


6. First night of vacation and we go to pull out the sofa bed for the kids, hear a loud crunching sound… Son’s iPhone fell between the cushions and got caught in the hinges of the bed frame…


7. Ordered my kid a 6-piece nugget meal, this is what he got in his nugget box


8. Charging my JBL speaker before leaving on a beach trip when it blew up.


9. Late for work. Shut the fridge door too hard. Knocked the wine bottle off the fridge. Hit my coffee. Bad morning.


10. First winter at my first bought house.


11. Thinking about burritos all day. Come home from work and microwave my last one. Completely hollow


12. $400 window replacement to steal a pair of $20 headphones I found at goodwill…


13. No caramel for my ice cream I guess


14. My Left Airpod fell in the oven and I didn’t notice until well baked 20 minutes afterward.


15. What’s the worst thing to find after you took the last batch of cookies out? The real cinnamon.


16. My pork ribs dinner. Unsure if stress causes short-term memory loss but I put ribs on, logged into work, and here we are two hours later with the grill at full blast.


17. How do you guys like my new shower?


18. I finally got a (secondhand) laptop that works decently for school today and I slipped on the charger and dropped it off the bed. It only half works now.


19. Stuck in an elevator for hours after working a long shift at the hospital.


20. The cake I spent 1h to make. At least I’m sure it’s not too dry.


21. Amazon sent me a used Beats headphones that someone swapped and returned.


22. This tire was almost brand new, too 🙁


23. It’s 3:00 AM. Everyone’s asleep and I’ve been trying to get out of my room for 30 minutes.


24. Always fun when you’re in a rush and clean jeans are mythical creatures in my flat.


25. Sunk my four-wheeler while looking for my phone that also sunk


So, how is your day now? Which situation do you think is the worst of them all? Tell us in the comments.

Written by DADADEL

Adelaida, the founder of Dadadel Creative, boasts a multifaceted background, blending expertise in software engineering, copywriting, and digital marketing. Prior to establishing her agency, she honed her skills as the former Head of the News Department at a regional media outlet, and also amassing 18 years of experience as a host. She has a penchant for sarcasm, a passion for lifestyle topics, and an undeniable love for cats.

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One Comment

  1. Okay here’s a good example.
    Was on my way to work in my just purchased awd .
    It’s pouring rain.
    Can’t see much.
    I got on the autoroute, and suddenly hit a pothole.
    I blew out a tire I thought.
    Ok change it and go.
    No I blew out 2 tires.
    Had to call my wife to come and get me.
    Follow me to the nearest gas station and park the car.
    Drive her home and go to work.
    And arrived late. This happened at 11PM and I start at 12AM.