26 Reasons Why Dads Are the Best Friends You Need

Our dads play an important role in the family, but most of the time, they don’t get much recognition as our mothers’. No one talks about Father’s day as much as we talk about Mother’s day, and the list goes on. They deserve our love and affection because they always do their best for us too.

Here at Viral Strange, we listed 26 reasons why dads are the best friends you need:

1. Listening ability without being too dramatic

father and son hugging
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He knows when you are going through a hard time. He knows when you are sad and upset. You can talk to him directly in a manner that there is less drama. He will listen to you without hesitations. You can also read 10 Reasons Why Your Mom Is The Best Human Being Ever

2. A constant protect you from those boys trying to hurt you

dad smiling with her daughter
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The best person who will always protect you from any harm is him. He will be your first line of defense from people who will try to hurt you. He wants the best for you, especially in love. He does not want to see you cry because of a boy who does not treat you right.

3. A crying shoulder that you can count on

dad sitting on the pier of a lake with his daughter
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In times that you need a shoulder to cry one, he is surely there for you. You always matter to him because you are his blood and flesh. He will never hesitate to make you feel that you are not alone with your battles.

4. Introduces you to extreme sports and adventure

dad raising his child high up in the air
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Our dads are typically fun and adventurous. They love extreme sports that give them the adrenaline rush. They teach us to toughen up our spirit and seek adventure because life is too short. They teach us to go out of our comfort zone.

5. Teaches you not to be too serious in life

man with his son in bed
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He wants you to be successful in life, but he reminds you to take your time. You learned from him how to chill in life, have fun, and go with the flow. He does not pressure you to be someone else. He wants you to be happy for who you are.

6. Cooks extra delicious food for you

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Cooking is a side hobby for him. He cooks his specialty just for you during weekends. He wants to make sure that you are not starving at all. He makes sure to pamper you with food all the time.

7. Gives you the best childhood playtime

Father holding his baby son on his shoulders
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Our childhood will never be complete without the crazy playtime with our dads. They are always up for risky games that will make their wives raise their eyebrows. The piggyback rides are always the best ones, and the never-ending laughing while doing it brings up priceless memories!

8. An accomplice when your mom is mad at you

man talking with a kid
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When you did something wrong at home, he will reprimand you, but not as persistent as your mom. He understands your reasons but will share words of wisdom too. He is your accomplice when your mom does not want you to go out with friends.

9. A hard worker for your future

dad working on his computer
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He always does his best to give you a future better than you can imagine. He works overtime for him to send you to a good school. Your wellness is his priority more than anything else.

10. Supports your decisions all the way

man tying a kid's shoelaces
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No matter what journey you will embark on, he will always be there to support you. You can count on him all the time because he wants to see you with flying colors in life.

11. Always to the rescue to teach you life skills

dad with his son fixing bike
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Our dads are actually creative than we can imagine. They teach us how to swim, ride a bike, and learn to fix things. It is always exciting watching them show passion with their crafts.

12. Gives us encouragement in life

dad kissing daughter
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When you stop believing in your abilities, he is there to give you words of encouragement. He is there telling you that it is okay to fail and make mistakes in life.

13. Makes times for you

man carrying his daughter on his shoulder looking at the sea
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There is no such thing as a busy person if you part of his priorities. Our dads always make sure to be there on a special occasion in our lives. They are there to participate with you during school activities and more.

14. An example of what a good man is

dad's coffee date with his daughter
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He sets a good example for you. He walks the talk, and he treats people fairly no matter what their status in life is. Respect is always important to him. He shows how to treat a woman right by giving your mom the love that she deserves.

15. Teaches us that it is okay to laugh at our mistakes

man with red pillow on his head with his kid on bed
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Life is not always a perfect turn of events. There are times that we mess up in terms of decision making, but nothing heals a weary and broken heart but a good laugh. A good laugh is better when we share it with our dads.

16. Teaches us that failure is okay

dad watching his child stand up from the ground
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When we were young, he would not pick us on the ground when we fall. He wants us to pick up ourselves and stand up on our own. He wants us to learn independence at a very young age.

17. Teaches us to be true to ourselves

silhouette of father and son during sundown
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Our dads love to sport that same shirt and jeans, and that is perfectly okay. They teach us that it is okay to be who you are. You do not have to pretend to be someone you are not, and your value does not depend on a piece of clothing.

18. Sets the standards for your future husband

elegant bride kissing father on wedding day
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You can’t help but desire to have a husband who has a strong character like your dad. Someone brave, courageous, and will always take responsibility all the time. When your dad is your standard, it is even impossible to have another person in your life like him.

19. Saves your ass when you are in trouble

happy man with children on terrace
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Every time you mess up in school, he is always there to make things easier for you. He finds ways to get you out of trouble. He is indeed your real-life superhero.

20. Always keeps it real with you

man carrying her daughter smiling
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Your dad will always be honest with you. He will rather hurt you with the truth than pamper you with a lie. He always gives you a reality check every time you make rush decisions in life. He won’t judge you, but he will tell you the hard truths to swallow.

21. Makes you stronger in life

man staring at his child
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Your dad has been through major storms in his life that inspire you to be strong as well. You aspire to be like him because he was able to raise a good family despite everything.

22. Believes that you are beautiful for who you are

dad looking up at the sky while carrying his child
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No one sees your beauty more than anyone else than your dad. He makes fun of the way you laugh, but that is just to tease you. For him, you are so precious that the world does not deserve to have you.

23. Teaches you to make good decisions

happy African American siblings with father lying on bed
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Your dad is the one who usually decides on major decisions in the family. You learn to decide on things not basing on your emotion. You learn to be critical of things and always be two steps ahead of what you do.

24. Teaches you kindness

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Your dad is one of the most giving persons in the world. He ensures that you have everything that you need. He always goes the extra mile for you to have good living conditions. He also inspires you to give back to the community when you already have the capability to do it.

25. Teaches you discipline

father talking to his son
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Your dad is the most discipline man you know. The way he controls his food intake and does exercises regularly is an amazing feat. You want to be like him and have a sharp mind to really focus on your goals.

26. One of you first teachers

dad teaching his daughter how to write
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Education starts at home. He teaches you to have good manners. You learn how to treat everyone with respect. He is the kind of teacher who might be tough with you sometimes because he loves you.

There is no such thing as a perfect dad, but he will always do his best for your welfare. He makes sure that you can reach your dreams as well. He believes in what you are capable of who you want to become. Always remember that you will always have him in your journey.

Written by Dwarozh

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

– Henry Ward Beecher

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