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27 Photoshopped Pictures Exposed Online

A collection of edited pictures that got exposed online

People try to post the perfect images of themselves, and that’s understandable. However, some people go beyond that. Trying to perfect their looks, they edit and photoshop the pictures. On the other hand, the rest can easily catch the differences or even edit “mistakes”. In a Reddit thread, people exposed the truths behind photoshopped pictures.

Viral Strange has collected 27 pictures that got slammed online for their absurd manipulations.

1. A fairly popular local influencer recently made an appearance on TV. A lot of her fans apparently had trouble recognizing her at first…


2. Skipped leg day, forever


3. Must be her sister in the car


4. A man, for a change. Not sure if satire or for real. Behold, the wall-bending biceps and but


5. This is funny and all but it’s getting out of hand


6. Found In The Wild On Instagram


7. Blended The Fence Into Her Face


8. Be You!


9. In Reality, Birds Flap Their Wings When They Fly


10. Unfortunately Did Not Pass Her Photoshop Class Though


11. This Guy Popped Up In My Feed As A Sponsored Story


12. Yes, The Giant Feet Syndrome, More And Common These Days


13. We’ve Seen Tiny Heads…now Get Ready For Giant Feet!


14. Legs For Dayyyyys


15. “The Model Has Achieved This By Chewing On A Plastic-Looking Contraption”


16. Photoshopped Herself Into Oblivion, Grandpa Can Stay Lookin Old Af


17. Organs Are For The Weak!


18. From Her Profile vs. Tagged


19. Reminder: This Is Not How These Women Look In Real Life


20. Internal Organs? Never Heard Of Them


21. Reminds Me Of That Scene In Beetlejuice (Little Head)


22. What The Model Posted vs. Photographer


23. She Was On A Popular Reality Show. I’ll Never Understand Why They Do This When We’ve All Seen What They Really Look Like!


24. One I Found In The Wild


25. Arms So Big They Warp The Plane Seats?


26. This Cannot Be Real! Inhumanly Possible To Look Like This


27. I Was Startled By This While Scrolling


Do you edit your pictures? Would you go to these lengths? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. I photoshop my face but not for glamish pretenses. I place my face into known art or make up my own. One of my best was putting my face on the Mona Lisa. I then added Bob Ross as if painting this image. My face was on Bob with an expression of the cat that ate the canary. I do these to make my friends laugh and to have unusual Facebook thumbnails.

  2. Thank you for the laugh! I’ve seen a few music videos that left me wondering when females developed such enormous buttocks. I became concerned that if these women tried to sit down, they would either roll over backwards, or explode..

  3. Would I fuck edit my pictures because don’t like the look of yourself in pictures then don’t bloody take selfies then it’s abviously pretty simple to work that one out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣