29 Year Old Mum and 22 Year Old Daughter Spark Controversy Online About Age Gap

A mother and daughter, who share a strong resemblance, create dancing videos online to showcase their close bond. Despite their connection, concerns have been raised about the noticeable age gap between the two women.

Savana Chapin, a 29-year-old stylist, and Tizzi, a 22-year-old TikTok star, have an unconventional story that defies societal norms. Savana initially connected with 44-year-old salon owner Chris Chapin professionally, but their relationship evolved unexpectedly into a personal one. Despite a significant 16-year age gap and initial challenges, including skepticism and online criticism, they fell in love, got married, and now have two children together.

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Tizzi, Chris’s daughter, initially struggled with the age difference between her and her stepmom, creating tension within the family. Social media trolls intensified the scrutiny, labeling the relationship as ‘creepy’ and accusing Savana of being a ‘homewrecker.’ Despite these challenges, Savana and Tizzi persevered, building a resilient bond over time.

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Their journey from skepticism to solidarity is evident in their shared videos and dance routines on TikTok, where they showcase their unbreakable connection. To symbolize their love, Savana and Tizzi got matching tattoos that read ‘forever and ever, amen.’

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Despite not being related by blood, their striking resemblance often leads people to mistake them for twins or sisters, contributing to the virality of their TikTok videos.

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In a surprising twist, Savana and Tizzi turned their shared experiences into a successful collaboration by starting a clothing line. The line, priced at £31 or about $40, features jumpers with a bold ‘step mama’ print and motivational quotes on the sleeves. This entrepreneurial venture not only reflects their resilience but also provides support to other stepmothers facing similar challenges.

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As they continue to share their journey on TikTok, Savana and Tizzi challenge conventional notions of family connections, inviting others to celebrate resilience amid skepticism and criticism.

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