8 year old buys a 4 bedroom house

An eight-year-old Australian girl, Ruby McLellan, along with her siblings, became some of the world’s youngest homeowners by purchasing a four-bedroom home in Clyde, Victoria, using their pocket money and assistance from their parents.

An eight-year-old girl from Australia has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming one of the youngest homeowners in the world. Ruby McLellan, along with her siblings Angus, 14, and Lucy, 13, took the bold step of purchasing their four-bedroom home in Clyde, Victoria, two years ago for $671,000. Today, the property’s value has surged to $960,000.

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The trio managed to scrape together a deposit of $6,000 by diligently saving their pocket money earned from helping their parents with chores and studying their father’s investment guide. Their parents supplemented the remaining amount, and now all three children are proud homeowners with their names on the title deed.

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The McLellan siblings have ambitious plans for their financial future. They are already eyeing their next investment property and intend to leverage the equity built up in their current home’s mortgage to make it happen.

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Despite their impressive achievements, Ruby admits that she hasn’t shared the news with her school friends yet, but she finds the experience of being a landlord “pretty cool.”

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