“8 Year Old” Posts “5 Months Creatine Transformation”, the Internet Goes Crazy

Thirteen-year-old Eric English, whose muscular physique led to a relationship breakup, has gained a massive social media following due to his bodybuilding endeavors.

Eric English, a social media sensation hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, has amassed over half a million Instagram followers by showcasing his impressive gym routines, displaying a physique far beyond his years. Garnering numerous sponsorship deals and launching his own website offering fitness plans, Eric’s dedication to bodybuilding has propelled him to online fame.



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Proud father Christopher praises Eric’s relentless commitment to achieving a masculine physique, which began with watching a push-up challenge on YouTube and intensified over 18 months of rigorous workouts, drawing inspiration from fitness icons like Alex Eubank and David Laid. Moving from Fredericton, Canada, to the USA due to family health reasons, Eric found solace and motivation in his daily exercise regimen, despite being too young to attend a gym.


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Unable to access a gym, Eric diligently trains at home five days a week, utilizing his own equipment and incorporating outdoor cardio sessions. His dedication has paid off, allowing him to surpass the 100lbs mark in upper body lifts. Eric’s lean physique, coupled with his relocation and family separation, has garnered attention and admiration from fans worldwide, inspiring others to prioritize physical fitness in today’s digital age.

Despite some controversy surrounding his use of creatine and comments questioning his age appropriateness for such supplements, Eric remains focused on his journey, driven by the positive impact he has on his followers. With each transformation video and fan testimonial, Eric’s influence continues to grow, leaving an indelible mark on the fitness community and beyond.

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