Zac Efron Struggling With Depression After He Built An Awesome Body

Zac Efron has garnered praise for his impressive body transformations, showcasing his commitment to diverse roles and the ability to surprise audiences with each new on-screen appearance.

Zac Efron has embraced his most challenging role to date as Kevin Von Erich, a wrestler with a complex family story, in his latest film, The Iron Claw. The movie explores the notions of strength and the associated challenges. Efron underwent a significant physical transformation for the role, attaining an impressive level of muscularity through rigorous training.

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The actor reflects on the evolving definition of masculinity, emphasizing that it is constantly changing. The specific type of masculinity portrayed in the film resonated with him on a personal level, drawing from his own experiences of pushing his physicality to different extremes for various roles and personal pursuits.

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This marks Efron’s most dramatic body change, but it’s not the first time he’s undergone such transformations. In preparation for the 2017 film Baywatch, he adopted intermittent fasting and transitioned from a vegan diet, citing improved processing of nutrients as a key factor. His meals during this period included bone broth soup, vegetables, and clean proteins like elk and chicken, complemented by healthy carbohydrates.

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Jeremy Allen White, Efron’s co-star in The Iron Claw, commended the actor’s dedication to his work, describing him as a “maniac” who is intensely focused and knowledgeable about training and diet.

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Efron’s journey underscores the importance of adopting healthier habits for physical well-being. It challenges the misconception that maintaining a healthy body solely involves intense training, emphasizing the significance of a balanced and holistic approach that includes proper nutrition, sufficient rest, and overall well-being.

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