Bizarre Coincidences To Doubt Reality

Discover bizarre coincidences that challenge reality. Explore mind-bending stories of strange happenings that might make you doubt life.

Bizarre coincidences called a “glitch in the Matrix” are a popular internet meme. You be the judge as we present twenty of the funniest and weirdest coincidences caught on camera.

1. Bizarre coincidences.

Bizarre Coincidences
Via reddit/Handicapreader

2. Snowden Reading About Snowden

Via reddit/pmmckee.

3. Are We Seeing Double?

Bizarre Coincidences
Via Acid Cow.

4. Twins On A Train

Via Imgur/foxisaac.

5. This Is Getting Weird

Bizarre Coincidences
Via funniestmemes.

6. Strangers In Matching Cosby Sweaters

Via oddstuffmagazine.

7. Hipster Inception

Bizarre Coincidences
Via reddit/b8con.

8. Leather Jacket and Jeans Day

Via worldwideinterweb.

9. This Lane Is For Red Minivans Only

Bizarre Coincidences
Via blazepress.

10. Mirror Image Grannies

Via reddit/glitch.

11. Bizarre coincidences, again.

Bizarre Coincidences
Via reddit/L33SA.

12. Awkward Moment

Via theawesomedaily.

13. Two Cats Are Better Than One

Bizarre Coincidences
Via Reddit/HippyCapitalist.

14. License To Freak People Out

Via Imgur/IWishIKnewHowToQuitYou.

15. This Is Downright Criminal

Bizarre Coincidences
Via Imgur/ErfWerm.

16. Two Wizards Get On A Bus Together.

Via Imgur/represto.

17. Hello Stranger-Who-Could-Be-My-Brother

Bizarre Coincidences
Via Imgur/sweetcaroline5683.

18. Double Your Fun

Bizarre Coincidences
Via reddit/goldd1ggr.

Do these bizarre coincidences make you question the fabric of reality? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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