Computer And Phone Hacks That Might Come In Handy

To make your life easier, we have gathered some computer and phone hacks that might come in handy. Try them!

Computer and phone hacks can be discovered online or by chance when you do something by mistake. However, many people don’t know them and still struggle to make some things work.

Viral Strange has gathered some computer and phone hacks that will simplify your life and come in handy.

1. Shopping in incognito mode

Computer And Phone Hacks

Targeted discounts often have a hidden price. That is why, on the ad, you see a different price from the website where the product is placed. This happens because your actual browser has cookies.

Use incognito mode to shop online because there are no cookies on this browser tab, and you will see different offers to purchase.

2. How not to click the hyperlink when selecting a word

Hold down Alt and then select the word with the link. This way, you will select the word without clicking the link.

3. Capitalizing a word on Android

If you have an Android smartphone and often forget to capitalize words, do this: Double-tap the word and press Shift. Done!

4. Add contacts with Google Lens

Computer And Phone Hacks

Google Lens has many features that come in handy. For example, you can add new contacts, make a call or even send an email. All you have to do is take a picture using the app and let it do all the work for you.

5. Automatic subtitles in a VLC Player

To play correctly the subtitles of a downloaded movie, rename the subtitle file exactly the same as the movie file. They will both start at the same time.

6. Get rid of spam messages by using a temporary email

Computer And Phone Hacks

Use temporary emails to be safe on sites where you need to sign up. Some sites offer these emails, such as MailDrop, 10-Minute Mail, and ThrowAwayMail. It will help you get rid of spam messages and surf the internet safely.

7. Create GIFs from a YouTube video

Computer And Phone Hacks

No need to worry! You can create GIFs of your favorite part of a YouTube video in a second. Type ‘gif’ in front of and it will direct you to editing software.

8. Find the notifications you swiped away by mistake on Android


Sometimes you might swipe away by mistake a notification. If you have an Android, do this:
Hold down your finger on your homepage in an empty space.
Choose Widgets.
Then, Settings.
Choose the type of settings you want to make a shortcut for.
Choose Notification Log.


9. Instantly download YouTube videos

Computer And Phone Hacks

No need to use other software to download a video on YouTube. All you have to do is to add ‘ss’ before and click enter.

10. Get rid of the copied text formatting

Paste the text you copied on the internet into a Word doc without the formatting:

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + V
Mac: Option + Command + Shift + V

11. Check your PDFs for viruses before downloading them

Computer And Phone Hacks

When you click to download a PDF file, before doing that, check if they end with .exe. Usually, there might be a virus in the file. Delete the file instantly.

Did you know any of these hacks? Which one? Do you know any other life-saver method? Tell us in the comments below.

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