Designers Who Tried Hard But Failed

Designers are all about creativity and vision. However, sometimes they fail to succeed in their mission and create miserable concepts.

Designers are all about creativity and vision. It is not that simple to be successful in an oversaturated market. However, the main thing is to get the job done correctly.

Even so, sometimes designers fail to succeed in their mission and create miserable concepts that are anything but innovative and on point.

Viral Strange has collected 15 pics showing products that designers tried hard on but failed.

1. I just saw this gem on my job site Friday!

© JeffAASecurity / Reddit

2. “Sorry I’m late. I got stuck at work.”

© BugOperator / Reddit

3. Arms (found on a cruise ship I was on last week)

© Go_Crazyyy / Reddit

4. What a nightmare.

© Kroells / Reddit

5. Don’t throw waste on land. Throw it in the ocean.

© Icy_Ebb_4530 / Reddit

6. Whoever designed this Soup Bowl has never eaten soup before.

© wobwobwob** / Reddit

7. At least it’s padded.

© cheekymrs / Reddit

8. I saw a fantastic bus advertisement for an optometrist.

© vinc***19 / Reddit

9. This purposeless elevator death trap.

© Waffug / Reddit

10. Look, but don’t touch.

© Trau_Gia / Reddit

11. I found this at a mall; it looks kind of sus.

© thestorm270 / Reddit

12. Garage on the second floor.

© IntrepidTrain4659 / Reddit

13. This advertisement I found in Bulgaria.

© *****boxSION / Reddit

14. Spotted at my local tire shop.

© fafnir** / Imgur

15. The McDonald’s happy meal toy.

© theblondepenguin / Reddit

Which designer failed most successfully? Tell us in the comments below.

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