18 Brilliant Creative Advertising Ideas

Creative advertising ideas that are funny and inventive

The advertising world needs always new and bold ideas to succeed in an oversaturated market. Many brands and companies have talented advertising teams that tend to bring brilliant ideas to life when it comes to marketing.

Viral Strange has gathered 18 brilliant creative advertising ideas that any new brand might take into consideration.

1. Hair dye from Wella

2. Promoting Oktoberfest with beer mugs on tree trunks

3. Hand grips on public transport by watch company IWC

4. Marketing for Honda Fit

5. Play-Doh plasticine makes smart kids

6. Glasses from Keloptic

7. A pet adoption advert by Pedigree

8. Sharp knives made by WMF


9. Active park assist advert from Mercedes-Benz

10. Fast delivery from FedEx

11. Another FedEx ad

12. Don’t let debt snowball… smart.

13. Park Assist advert by Volkswagen

14. Creative idea for beach shower stalls

15. Air-con advert from Panasonic

16. Super-absorbent kitchen towels ad

17. Creative NYE poster from Barilla

18. Starting the day with Nescafe

Which one did you like most? Tell us in the comments.

Written by DADADEL

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