20 Creative Advertisements On Escalators That Are Super Cool

A set of escalator advertisements that are too cool

Advertising is one of the most key parts of a business’ marketing. The way a brand gets promoted to the customers should always be simple yet fascinating.

Viral Strange has prepared a set of escalator advertisements that are super cool and creative.

1. An adventure through the Brazilian forests

© Gregory Kickow/Behance

2. Pantene’s “Hairy” Escalator

© Lem/Ads of the World

3. Homer Simpson eating donuts

© Gabriel Queiroz, Ricardo Balbin/Ads of the World

4. Massage at its finest

© Fields

5. Highlighter

© Grey/Ads of the World

6. Kitkat

7. Apple Apps

8. Very long Hubba Bubba

9. Long-lasting batteries

© Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia/Ads of the World

10. The Neverending Library

© Ann Putney/Behance

11. Cheesyway to heaven!

12. “Tangled” Advertisement

13. Coal Flag – “America would have 50% less electricity if coal miners didn’t make this trip every day.”

© Blattner Brunner/Ads of the World

14. They can’t tell the difference.

© reusablebags

15. Turkish Airline Ad… goes south! 😀


© Unknown/Reddit

16. Just Do It.

© J. Walter Thompson

17. Different hairstyles to choose from

© Rediffusion DY&R/Ads of the World

18. It looks yummy

19. DHL delivery

© Ogilvy & Mather/Adoholik

20. Watch your returns and taxes

© Quadrant Communications/Ads of the World

Which one did you like most? Tell us in the comments.

Written by DADADEL

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