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Don’t Marry a Woman Who has These 10 Habits

Marriage is one of the most important processes in ‏life, most of the separations in the marriage process go back to the fact that we choose only on the basis of the beauty of our spouse. So if you want to have a successful marriage you need to first know how compatible the person you have chosen is with you.

1-The woman only cares about her feeling.

Don’t marry the woman who always says (me) , doesn’t care about your feelings and thoughts, she just wants you to do what makes her happy.

‎2-‏The woman who only thinks of wealth and possessions.

‎‏There is no happiness in life when your wife is just thinking about money

‎3-‏The woman who is always dissatisfied and pessimistic.

No matter how good you do it, it is always dissatisfying and it doesn’t matter how much you try to please it.

‎4-‏The woman who doesn’t obey you.

she always does things you don’t like and doesn’t care how you feel

‎5- The $ women

The woman who always asks for expensive accessories and cars
Because if you don’t do what she want, she will go away.

‎6-‏The woman who tells all her secrets to her friends.

You can’t have a private own life because your wife tells everything to her friends

‎7-‏The woman who think she’s always right.

‎‏Because she always thinks she’s right and you’re wrong, she doesn’t care about your thoughts and opinions.

8-Don’t marry a woman who is wasting a lot of money.


9- Negative women.

Don’t marry a woman who always talks negatively about you and your actions

‎10-‏Don’t marry a woman who wants to keep you away from your family.

‏Because your family always wants the best for you, you shouldn’t marry someone who keeps you away from your loved ones.

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  1. Ummm, think this applies to men too… As for obey.. wahahahaaa, a woman (or man) is not a slave. Give me a break.
    It should be entitled, “Don’t marry a PERSON who has these 10 traits”
    Unless of course you want to, then it’s your choice.

  2. No one should marry anyone like this. Because this person is just selfish. I can honestly relate to this because I married a man with all these same habbets and didn’t have any idea he was like this until the ring was on my finger that is when he true colors came our. While we were dating he sang a completely different tune. He talked about us not about him. We even talked about kids. He new I was unable to have children of my own and we talked about adopting a child. He knew from day one that I would never marry a man who didn’t want to adopt a child and boy what a fool I was for telling his that because I played right into his hands he only said it so I would marry him he never had any intentions on adopting. The 19 years we were together it was always what he wanted always his family always his friends. I gave everything to this man and only got a broken heart after 19 years.

  3. This appears to be written by a middleschooler who tried to submit their essay ten minutes before it was due. Very, juvenile and it was just about as moronic as I presumed. Some better advice is – Don’t marry if you think this “article” is an actual piece of guidance. Simply avoid selfish, irresponsible narcissists, men and women alike, who don’t see their toxicity.

    Lastly, dont expect obedience from anything that isn’t a dog. That makes you the exact person people dont wanna marry.

  4. Hahaha obey? A woman should never obey a man and neither should a man obey a woman. I think people should actually get to know each other and know what they want going into a relationship. You’ve got maybe half of these right. And surprise it’s written by a woman who’s most likely submissive. 😂

  5. Warning for both side male/female to Stop think carefully before jumping rebound person who has bad habits. I went thru that Fourteenth yrs passed. Such person wouldn’t exercises, don’t been out doing day time hr and have learned from those expensive lonely experience.

  6. 3 habits about money that could easily fit as one – so, he can spend the money anyway he wants?
    2 habits about being negative that -||- – so, only optimistic women are marrying material?
    1 habit about keeping away from family: what if his family is toxic? not all parents and siblings are there for you, caring and loving, what about those abusive parents?
    this article was made just like this comment, to write just about anything that makes even a bit of sense and make the reason for discussions.
    if all those habits are present, you wouldn’t even keep as a girlfriend, let alone wed her!
    Make no mistake, many of the traits appear way later, after years of marriage!

  7. This goes for husbands as well! When you find out these traits plus more it’s usually 2-3 years down the the track.
    I could write a book on this subject!
    I realised my answer was too long and deleted most of it many times.
    I should write a book myself!
    Beware ladies! There are men that will milk you dry and leave you with nothing but a poisoned heart and a black and blue soul.

    • O.M.G.!!! Are you his mommy? Or wanna be partner? Is he 12? You are obviously very jealous of her. We all have our OWN God given choices and he has made up his mind OBVIOUSLY! You should post your name so this woman who your “friend” LOVES and the poor “friend” can be warned that someone SO CONTROLLING AND HATEFUL is trying to manipulate THEIR relationship! Tell him how you feel once, twice at most and then let him be. You don’t think you have any of these signs but you have all of them and then more! I feel sorry for both of them cuz your very toxic and dangerous!Get your own life and partner! And I’ve been married for 44 years to a wonderful man and we have had all of these at one time or another. Your delusional and scary!

  8. Obey? We aren’t just slaves and ” negative woman ” some families are TOXIC. It’s rare when there’s good families that protect each other and LOVE and CARE for you. Don’t Normalize that way of thinking just bc they’re family you should care.

    • I agree. There are men that’s like that. I just got out of that relationship because he didn’t want me around my children or family, and he was a narcissist.

  9. There is no perfect spouse. You may find someone who has great sense of humor but lack of common sense or worst, dumb at all. I guess, before you start picking fish in the ocean, know first how high or low your standards, expectations and most importantly, your patience. Yes there are a lot of choice but finding someone who is mature, also ready to change and have a new life living with someone, that can be a distinction. Unless the other party isn’t ready to it, all those list of don’t, both of you possess. You and your prospect must be willing to negotiate, otherwise welcome yourself to celibacy or indefinite single-hood.

  10. It is a lot of men, and them males then turn into gaslighting narcissists. I believe in communication, there is no place for 3 people in a relationship, money isn’t worth it and should never be fought over in a relationship. Being with someone for money isn’t worth it. You just need each other Wether you only have rags to wear or a tent to live in, you need the security that you both have each others backs. Everything else is Material possessions and can be gone in a minute because of fire or flood.

  11. i guess i am the marrying type because i don’t fit any of these. Obey is the funny one, that word was taken out of the vows years ago. So no women has to obey like a child listening to a parent. A women will promise to be faithful, honest and honor and cherish her husband until death do them part. and most women will honor her wedding vows. how many men can say they will do the same and truly mean it. Women don’t want those traits in their man either. so it takes to make a real relationship work.

    • Obey in scripture is intended for both to pair and bond exclusively only to each other because it’s a spiritual union as it is supposed to be. If we couldn’t have sex before marriage then I supposed all of us would be married. It needs an example as well so man tells new wife I found us a home but wife says that isn’t in our budget so husband goes back to finding the home with the wife that is within budget. Okay. Here is another one and wife says this house is in budget and husband says but I need a two car garage and then wife shows him a house with two car garage and he likes it. They go and purchase their choices or home that they compromised together in finding and then in the purchase and they obeyed one another. Obey in scripture is not a negative punishment or issue because it was meant for those two who decide to forsake all other for just this one to have each other’s back. You

    • Yeah, they are all sensible. I also think it goes the other way. I believe getting married to a friend, not just a total stranger solves half of these issues.

    • Someone has to lead 9n a relationship, and I know in all the successful and happy marriages I’ve ever seen, the man pretty much let’s the woman have the say. But when he says ,”No”, then that’s that.

  12. These are all right but there are so many other factors to think about also I am now 49 years old and I haven’t been single since I was 19 years old I have been with many types of women different ethnicities, sizes, backgrounds,you name it I kept chasing a dream only to find out that dream does not exist now that I learned from my mistakes I do have an ideal type of woman in mind but after my current relationship ends I plan to stay single and just love me for once.but when getting married you not only have to look at the person in front of you it’s an absolute must to meet the family because that will be a major factor in your life with this person also friends then there is their social media if your woman has nothing but guys on it just one night stand her and change your number no future with a girl like that also does she have a secret drug addiction like my current and then what do you do are their kids on drugs in my case yes all 4 so my advice would be just one night stand it and live for yourself it will save you alot of headache I plan to write a book on this long adventure that I’m about to end this month well good luck people and remember one night stand it 🤨

  13. Personally I’m not like this but I do know someone in this position right now and everyone of those traits his significant other possess but he loves her and over looks all of it. He is unhappy he is hurt everyday by it but he won’t leave her cause he thinks it’s what he deserves and he really does deserve to be happy he is sweet kind and treats her like a queen. How do you get someone to understand their worth and what they deserve? I have tried a million times and every time I think he realizes the truth she sucks him back in to her web of well you might as well say torture because it’s emotional torture.

    • Sounds like your friend is with a narcissist. Ask him what advice he would give you. Or pose hypotheticals on bjs experiences and ask what he would advise someone else. The penny may drop.
      I walked away from a narcissist like this man wife. Best thing I ever did. I feel whole again.

      • Well I was once in this kind of situation untill I noticed and see it myself,pray for him probably he will get out of it one day and realize how good and comforting man he can be,or you can show him this comments I hope it’s helps, woman are scam and guys like us are rare bro we’re the best and there’s a lot of girls that want us but we’re stucked with the bad ones and would do anything to be with you,try push her away then you will start seeing your worth,leave her for days or weeks I promise you bro she will come back begging, don’t take her back no matter the tears she shed,she won’t change

    • It sounds like you are interfering with a couple that is supposed to get married. Maybe if you mind your own then those two would be able to learn how to obey one another. It’s not a crime too be married because you have the information that it is intended for a couple. Outsiders are not to interfere with a man and woman He has put together. Stop lying to yourselves if you are getting spiritually married then Honor the religion and obey it. You will be held to the religion the same as everyone else who says I do. Religion is no game.

    • Siya, Why is it always the man who lies n cheats? I’m a fella n never have or would cheat on a partner. We’re not all the same like. I’ve been cheated on more times than u can imagine by women. Men always get the blame but women are just as bad if not worse!!!

      • I have to agree with you here D.D…women are sneaky creatures lol.Some of them anyhow.Being that I am woman myself,it’s safe to call us out on it.Also…I have the most amazing,loving loyal man in the world.Hes 30..I’m 45.who would have ever thought.

    • Your a spiteful tramp that never looks at your side of anything you defend yourself by saying, look at what they do. I’m not as bad as that. Oh but you are as bad as that and much worse if the truth comes to light. You’ll need years of therapy to ever be socially acceptable in any intimate relationship. Go home.

  14. Worst part is any women with most of these traits would honestly believe that this post doesn’t describe them. Th em would to their man for confirmation. That would just open up a can of worms. A smart man wouldn’t know this. So the guy would like to lie to her which proposed another whole problem. If you would like to get to spare her feelings what else would you lie about. Before the end of the day you will think to yourself why the hell did I just stop and read this article. It gave me confirmation and reminded me as to why I wish I had read an article like this before. Then again what do I know,. Definately not much.Seeing how I can’t understand why two people would end up here in, what should have been a fun conversation. Just to look back and realise I am an ass for not understanding where she was coming from. I mean they’re was nothing funny, and into of that just confirmed all the more how much of a stupid idiot I am. 🤪 You got to love being married!

      • “The fifties called”—-wow feminists Nazi are we?

        A man cannot lead if his g-friend/wife does not obey him. Is he supposed to submit to her lead? If he did, she`ll gag out, loose attraction and respect.

        Also, you cannot have any of the 50/50 crap or 1950`s shaming. Compare the 1950`s divorce rate to now. 50/50 feminism blidder blabber at work to no natural end.

        Men are NOT designed to be submissive to women in a relationship/marriage.

        Feminists need to get over having a hissy fit every time they hear the idea of a woman obeying a man. Its normal in a healthy relationship.

        • I appreciate a submissive intelligent man. He appreciates my strength of will. After my last one I decided to never be with someone where I’d have to explain how to be a decent human being. Fortunately this fellow has more emotional intelligence then the dumbass I was with. We compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. Its a good fit. By the way, I’m an adhd tradeswoman and he’s an autist power engineer. Don’t be so naive to assume there’s only one way. Two strong wills will always butt heads especially if their have different priorities. He doesn’t bring out my dominant side because I trust his judgment – he’s perspective and goals are similar to mine. That is a healthy relationship. What you described is an power inequality where you oppress your partner regardless of their willingness to choose your way. Do you not trust your companions judgement?