Experts insist: Daily showers have no real health benefit

Described as “perfume-ative hygiene,” the daily shower is under scrutiny by experts who assert its lack of proven health benefits, dismissing it as a socially ingrained habit aimed at warding off perceived odor issues.

Notable figures like Jake Gyllenhaal and Mila Kunis openly admit to forgoing daily showers, challenging the norm.


Environmental advocate Donnachadh McCarthy highlighted the societal pressure behind frequent washing, stating, “Why are we washing? Mostly because we’re afraid somebody else will tell us that we’re smelling.” McCarthy, who practices what he terms “Prostitute State” hygiene, limits his showers to once a month, inspired by his time spent with the Yanomami people in the Amazon. Instead, he opts for sink washes using a cloth every other morning.


While abstaining from daily showers may raise eyebrows, medical experts, including McCarthy, caution against the modern obsession with cleanliness, suggesting it can pose health risks.

Interestingly, despite the questioning of daily showering practices, statistics reveal a surge in shower frequency. A 2021 study by Harvard Health reported that 66% of Americans shower daily, while a 2005 report noted that it’s common for Britons to shower once or twice a day.

Written by Telha

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