Experts warn: You are living in “functional freeze mode”, spot hidden symptoms

Signs that you might be in functional freeze mode include persistent low-level anxiety, a desire to isolate yourself, lack of self-care motivation, procrastination, exhaustion, and a feeling of disconnection from your emotions and the world around you.

Sometimes, you have no choice but to get through the day as best you can, even though you might have preferred to drag the covers back over your head when your alarm went off.

Humans are fascinating creatures with the ability to appear completely sane on the outside, even when chaos is erupting inside their heads. Experts have a term that perfectly describes this phenomenon.


We are all familiar with the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response when faced with traumatic situations. While these responses typically fade over time, some people become stuck in the ‘freeze’ mindset.

Remarkably, these individuals can still appear calm to others and manage their daily tasks, leading experts to call this state ‘functional freeze mode’.


According to Counselling Directory, those who have experienced functional freeze mode describe it as feeling both ‘tired and wired’, indicating they experience heightened anxiety alongside a lack of motivation.

Although this condition can be hard to spot, it’s important to be aware if you notice your brain seemingly ‘freezing’ as a form of self-protection. Nervous system practitioner and author of *The Secret Language of the Body*, Jennifer Mann, suggests that while you can work your way out of this mindset, the first step is understanding it.


Speaking to Stylist, Mann explained: “Because our nervous system hasn’t evolved to keep up with the fast pace of modern life, our brains can interpret this flood of information as a threat – shutting down as a protective measure.”

If you find yourself stuck in functional freeze mode, consider trying out these helpful tips to help you thaw out.


2.Go barefoot


4.Find the source

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