Famous Personalities Turning 65 in 2023

You would be surprised how many famous personalities will celebrate their 65th birthday this year. Let’s have a look!

Famous personalities in the celebrity world never fail to surprise us with their ageless beauty. With the passing years, it is even more apparent. Whether they have chosen to age naturally or rely on beauty treatments, the fact remains that these famous personalities have managed to retain their youthful charm.

As 2023 marks the year these celebrities turn 65, it’s a testament that age is just a number. In this article, Viral Strange will be highlighting 14 celebrities who will be celebrating their 65th birthday this year.

1. Queen of Pop Madonna reaches 65 on August 16th.

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2. Beloved TV host Ellen Degeneres turns 65 on January 26th.

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3. British Actor Gary Oldman will be 65 on March 21st.

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4. Sharon Stone, known for her role in “Basic Instinct,” turns 65 on March 10th.

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5. A-list actress Michelle Pfeiffer celebrates her 65th birthday on April 29th.

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6. Golden Globe Winner Angela Bassett reaches 65 on August 16th.

© im.angelabassett / Instagram, © im.angelabassett / Instagram

7. Actor Kevin Bacon celebrates his 65th on July 8th.

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8. Andie MacDowell becomes 65 on April 21st.

© andiemacdowell / Instagram

9. Renowned Filmmaker Tim Burton celebrates his 65th on August 25th.

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10. TV Star Patricia Heaton turns 65 on March 4th.

© patriciaheaton / Instagram, © patriciaheaton / Instagram

11. Actress Jennifer Tilly, known for her role in “Child’s Play,” becomes 65 on September 16th.

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12. Italian Tenor Andrea Bocelli turns 65 on September 22nd.

© andreabocelliofficial / Instagram, © andreabocelliofficial / Instagram

13. Comedian Drew Carey will be 65 on May 23rd.

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© drewfromtv / Instagram, © drewfromtv / Instagram

14. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis celebrates her 65th on November 22nd.

© jamieleecurtis / Instagram, © jamieleecurtis / Instagram

Did any of these celebrities catch you off guard? Let us know in the comments below who your favourite is and why.

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