High class escort: Independent business women scare men

Despite her success as a content creator with over 10,000 Instagram followers, she faces challenges in finding a man secure enough to embrace her lifestyle.

Katija Cortez, a high-class escort, asserts that her involvement in the sex industry has significantly limited her dating options.


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“It dramatically narrows down the dating pool because it’s not easy to find a guy who’s secure enough to handle this kind of relationship dynamic. Having a partner who’s highly desired and pampered by men worldwide isn’t everyone’s preference,” she disclosed to


Cortez highlighted that her achievements haven’t necessarily attracted men, and her status as a financially independent businesswoman can even intimidate them.”With three university degrees, a professional license, and multiple investment properties, I am more successful, educated, and wealthier than most men I encounter,” she elaborated.

“This adds another layer of complexity, even without the aspect of sex work involved.


“While her involvement in sex work can limit romantic prospects, Cortez also believes it exposes her to different opportunities and connects her with men who are more compatible with her lifestyle.

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