Girl: I’m too hot, men get intimidated to go out with me

She’s shedding light on the challenges of being exceptionally beautiful.

A model from North Carolina reveals she’s struggling to find romance because men feel intimidated by her stunning looks.

Lauren Butler, 26, hasn’t been on a date in nearly a year as men rarely approach her for a drink.”It’s tough being this attractive,” Butler shared with Jam Press. “Men either think I’m out of their league or fear rejection.”


With a massive following of 3.4 million on Instagram, Butler receives flirty messages from bold admirers, but in real life, potential suitors are hesitant. “When men consider dating me, they assume I have countless options,” Butler speculated.


“They question, ‘Why would you choose me?'” Butler believes men are intimidated not just by her beauty but also by her confidence.”They see me as a sex symbol but struggle with a strong, confident woman,” she asserted.


Despite the misconceptions fueled by her social media presence, Butler insists she’s kind and down-to-earth in person. Despite her dating dry spell, Butler remains optimistic about finding a long-term partner, though it’s not her top priority.


“My last date was last summer,” she noted, adding, “I’m open to love, but I’m not actively seeking it.” Moreover, Butler is open to dating online admirers if there’s a genuine connection offline.

Written by Telha

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